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Love Me Tinder

Gina Stewart
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Tinder is a relatively new app from the creators of Grindr.

Tinder can be summed up as the fast and furious version of online dating and it’s almost refreshing. Interpret that however you want.

How it works:

Tinder connects to your Facebook to pull your age, photos, mutual interests and mutual friends.

You get to look at one user at a time and see their photos (max five), anything they’ve written about themselves and their information, including the stuff you share in common (i.e. if you’ve both “liked” The Beatles on Facebook or have a friend in common).

You set the distance and age characteristics in your settings.

Person pops up.

You then must decide whether this person is a yay or nay in order to see any other people. Only if you both choose yes to each other are you then allowed to communicate in a text-like fashion.

You can keep playing to see more users or start talking to the ones you’ve been matched with. There are more features, but that’s the gist of it.


  • Fun way to kill time
  • Ability to contact someone can only be used when you’ve both indicated you’re interested
  • More closely replicates meeting someone in real life. You get to know someone after you’ve established an attraction.
  • Ties you to people you know through Facebook, if possible
  • Shows you common Facebook interests
  • Better odds that users are real because they must have an active Facebook account with a threshold number of friends in order to join
  • More localized matches


“The makers of Tinder believe the future

of online dating is on your phone.”



  • Game-like quality similar to “hot or not.” You can breeze through and be judgmental.
  • You know nothing about the person. They could be completely off the mark of what you’re looking for.
  • Very superficial: No long profiles to type out
  • No heights: They don’t tell you how tall a match is (good for short guys?)
  • Location matching is skewed: They indicate how far the match is in miles, but this doesn’t seem to be accurate.
  • Hard to move conversations offline: Tinder moves very fast and people here seem to be ADD.
  • Skews to attractive people: With everyone on this app picking based on attraction, unattractive people may not find it as alluring.
  • Hookup app: It has a reputation as a hookup app (based on its Grindr genesis), but not everyone is aware of that.
  • No searching of matches: You don’t get to weed through criteria. This is more like a deck of cards where you can only flip one over at a time.
  • Just local right now: The app pulls your current location, so if you’re traveling or someone is traveling near you, you may be matched up but might not live anywhere close to each other.

Helpful hints:

  • Good profile photos are crucial. Since this app functions off attraction, you need to look attractive. Make sure your photos aren’t poorly cropped (missing the top of your head) and you have interesting things going on (with you in them). Scenic shots are a waste. Photos of you lost in a sea of friends are a waste because matches can’t tell which one you are. Photos from far away are a waste.
  • Make interesting conversations. There are so many people just blasting through this that it can be hard to generate traction. “Hi” and “How are you?” are OK, but those introductions are also easier to ignore than interesting questions.
  • Be careful if you access the app when you’re out of town. It picks up on your current location to deliver matches, not where you live.
  • Tinder moves faster than online dating — doesn’t take days to respond.
  • Write a little something about yourself – a one-liner quote, an interesting fact, anything to help get conversations flowing.

The makers of Tinder believe the future of online dating is on your phone.

Any of you finding luck on Tinder? What do you think of it?

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