Matchmaking Versus Online Dating

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Matchmaking Versus Online Dating

Maria Avgitidis
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As a matchmaker who’s also co-founded an online dating site, I admit it is quite fun having toes in both ponds.

On the one hand, you have the matchmaking world demonizing online dating to convince would-be digital daters to turn to the personal love hunters.

On the other hand (or toe? I did say I had toes in ponds…), you have online dating sites that could care less about the matchmaking world.

Online dating is convenient, simple, fast and cheap (compared to matchmakers), and it’s simply just way too easy for anyone to create a website.

No need for a psychology degree or family pedigree…you just need a great developer.

Where do I stand in this fun world?

Well, physically, you’ll usually find me somewhere in the middle of the room of matchmakers jumping up and down, reminding them online dating is an awesome tool complimentary to matchmaking.

Sometimes you’ll find me in front of a room of online dating site owners jumping up and down, reminding them what matchmakers capitalize on is their intuitiveness, and gosh darn it, we as an industry can at least try to be more intuitive.

So, lots of jumping up and down.


“The ‘love is a crap shoot’ game gives you

the dice that could role in your favor.”

Where do you stand?

Which service works best for you? Matchmaking? Online dating? Both?

An ideal matchmaking candidate is someone who places significant importance on their privacy and safety, who feels more comfortable at the hands of a love expert.

If you’re the type of person who would pick a headhunter for your career, you’re perfect for matchmaking!

After all, it’s our mission to find you love that will last forever, and not until the AARP benefits kick in.

Matchmaking is also perfect for busy professionals.

Did you know it takes an average of 11 hours of scouring the Internet before you may even go on a physical date with someone through an online dating site?

Busy people don’t have time for that! Hand it over to a matchmaker, and you’re guaranteed an introduction before the next full moon.

Bonus: You’ll always be introduced to people that are single and looking for a serious long-term relationship

So long to the days you accidentally dated a person who’s “just not ready for something serious right now.”

Full disclosure: Matchmakers can run expensive.

After all, such a personalized service to find you someone within preference takes time, energy and the most extensive network development you have ever encountered, because let me tell you, matchmakers are the most ridiculously connected people you will ever meet.

Online dating is awesome!

At the convenience of your computer or mobile phone, you can do a search query of your shallow-as-heck preferences (i.e. height, body type, etc.) to find you PAGES of potential matches.

I’m not saying these are compatible matches or even quality, non-psycho matches, but at least the “love is a crap shoot” game gives you the dice that could role in your favor.

The best advice I can give to my fellow dice throwers is to join both a general dating site and a niche dating site.

A niche dating site is a much more targeted way to meet singles that share common core beliefs, values and hobbies.

Full disclosure: You’re going to find creepers online.

Let’s face it, one in 20 people are in fact creepers. Surely you’ll encounter them in droves online.

That said, exercise caution, only date in public venues and don’t ever give your personal details or banking information.

Or you could try both. Live dangerously. Happy dating!

Which do you prefer, matchmaking or online dating?

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