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Netvibes: A Free Dashboard Where Dating Experts Can Manage Their Brands, Blogs & Social Media Accounts

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The Short Version: Explorers once pushed the boundaries of the known world by discovering new lands, crossing vast oceans, and launching into space. In today’s technological age, modern-day pioneers confront the uncharted territory and unbridled potential of the world wide web. Founded in 2005, Netvibes helps intrepid businesses plot a course to financial success by understanding the Internet. Their analytics display how people navigate particular websites and social media accounts. With that knowledge, dating experts can more efficiently tailor their content to a niche audience. The Netvibes dashboard provides a simplified space to effortlessly broadcast your brand’s message to singles all over the Internet. The easy-to-use interface also features automated posting, embedded widgets, and other informational tools to inspire their customers to increase traffic and engagement on any website.

There’s no denying the awesome impact of social media in today’s world. It can affect personal relationships, political elections, commercial businesses, and all manner of interpersonal affairs. The power of the newsfeed rests in how many people pay attention to it. In 2016, 78% of Americans had a social media profile, up 5% from the previous year. From a college-kids-only platform, Facebook has evolved into a grandmother-friendly conglomeration of people young, old, rich, poor, and everything in between.

By 2018, the number of social media users worldwide is expected to increase to 2.5 billion people. If you want to build your audience, you know where they are, but the trick is capturing their attention in a transient landscape of distractions and competing voices.

Photo of Kim Terca, PR and Marketing Director of Netvibes

“We empower you to understand how your online reputation impacts your business metrics,” said Kim Terca, Netvibes’ Press Relations and Marketing Director.

To give people the means to decipher and organize the digital world, Netvibes launched in 2005 as the web’s first personalized dashboard and publishing platform. Through their Dashboard of Everything, you can sync your social media accounts to automatically share your blog posts so more singles hear your message without having to maintain multiple accounts.

The global company can assist dating experts who yearn to share their insights with singles around the world, but lack the time or tools to get it done. Over 1,000 brands, agencies, nonprofits, and other businesses have used this experienced service to personalize and publicize content on their websites.

“For bloggers and dating advice people looking for ways to spread their own content,” said Kim Terca, Press Relations and Marketing Director at Netvibes, “Netvibes dashboards are perfect. We empower you to understand how your online reputation impacts your business metrics.”

Listen & Learn By Analyzing Your Digital Life In One Custom Place

Netvibes gives you control of your online presence, helping you manage your social media accounts, websites, and news in a single, all-encompassing dashboard. It’s easily customized to your needs. You can create a to-do list of business goals, automate shares or responses on multiple social accounts, and handle your online presence with professionalism.

“On the dashboards, you can monitor where all your pieces are going out, generate ideas for new content, and engage with people over social media,” Kim told us. “You can integrate basically anything you want into one dashboard.”

Screenshot of the Netvibes homepage

Dating experts can use Netvibes to make informed decisions about how to handle online content.

All in all, the platform simplifies the web by aggregating data online. As a result, you can be more productive and turn your attention to expanding your name brand instead of getting hampered trying to juggle too many tasks or platforms at once. You can choose from five different tiered packages that cater to individuals, businesses, and teams. Each package comes complete with the ability to monitor, analyze, and manage everything to do with the web.

1. Basic: A Free, Personalized Dashboard of Aggregated Data

The standard Netvibes dashboard is a free and customizable space for organizing your digital life. You can customize the read-only tools to suit your needs or interests. The award-winning Netvibes Basic allows members to create up to five potions, which are programmable features that can help with everything from stock monitoring to social media monitoring.

2. Individual: Brand Monitoring & Social Analytics in a Single Platform

With analytics and monitoring tools galore, the Individual package gives users another level of premium support. Now you can publish and view analytic visuals on all your sites from one interface. As an added bonus, this package comes with unlimited potions.

According to the Netvibes website, “potions do your bidding, like magic. You choose the triggers and actions, and your dashboard obeys.”

The Individual package can sync across your desktop and mobile devices, offering a dashboard to handle all your apps, pictures, and posts. The automation via potions is exceedingly useful to dating experts with an active social presence. For instance, if you find yourself losing hours of your workday on social, you can set up your accounts to automatically send a certain message back to anyone who tweets at you.

3. VIP: Premium Support & Search Features to Back Businesses

The VIP package adds some reader-specific features and VIP support. Like the Individual package, this option comes with an unlimited number of potions on the dashboard. In terms of intelligence, you can use the search features and tracked topics, but will not get analytic support. Its focus is to augment the reader portion of the dashboard.

“It saves you time,” Kim noted, “by allowing you to stay on top of the hottest topics on the web.”

4. Team: Custom Solutions for Agencies Seeking Content Control

Available by request, the Team package offers a platform meant for agencies and enterprises that work closely together. As with all premium packages, unlimited potions come inclusive so you can program shortcuts specific to your business needs. With these tools backing your team, you can hone your brand message to be more effective online.

5. Enterprise: Unlimited Charts & Added Collaboration Available Upon Request

Through intuitive analytics and clear visuals of data, the Enterprise package can help you make data-driven decisions to advance your business goals. Netvibes Enterprise unifies your company’s information in a single dashboard with automatic reporting making your life much easier.

From tracking your brand mentions to taking inventory of internal data, you’ll find many useful data points in this custom portal.

Embedded Widgets Can Increase Engagement on Your Websites

Netvibes excels at providing businesses with neat shortcuts to optimize their websites. A favorite feature is their embedded widgets. In total, the company has seen more than half a billion downloads of their widgets.

Kim highlighted the Top Three App in particular as a relevant and free resource for bloggers or dating experts with a lot of content to sort on their sites. This widget will automatically find your top three most-read articles and post them prominently on your site. Doing so often boosts traffic and increases user engagement by giving visitors the content they’re interested in. In this way, you help more people and promote your brand at the same time.

“Since we embedded the Netvibes Top 3 App on and Gameblog, our analytics show that the Netvibes app is now driving 1.5-2% of our total website traffic.” — Cedric Rouanet, CEO of E-Borealis and a Netvibes client

Netvibes focuses on what matters, like the metrics that impact businesses, so brands can filter out the noise of the Internet and find what they need to grow and prosper.

“Our technology helps you listen, learn, and act on everything that matters to you online,” Kim said. “Our aggregated data, analytics, and automation drives faster decision-making.”

A Faster & Smarter Way: Netvibes Automates Online Activity For You

With Netvibes by your side, you can stake your claim to a world of business opportunities online. As the number of people on social media steadily grows over time, businesses must ask themselves how to best harness that audience. The analytics on Netvibes shed light on the matter by clearly outlining correlations and trends in user behavior.

Photo of the Netvibes logo

By aggregating analytics on the web, Netvibes makes content creation easier and smarter.

Netvibes gives dating experts the opportunity to keep track of their website’s important metrics, increase traffic on a blog, raise awareness about a matchmaking brand, and optimize online content to reach more singles.

If you want to inform your business decisions with hard data, the Netvibes dashboard is a comprehensive place to learn and grow. Any business or individual can use the platform to effortlessly manage their online presence and content.

“With today’s fast-moving social Internet, it can be really hard to stay on top of everything,” Kim said. “Netvibes dashboards can help you stay engaged with your readers on multiple platforms as well as keep up with the latest trends.”