New Friends 4 U Encourages Letting Love Grow Naturally

Online Dating Encourages Starting With Friendship & Letting Love Grow Naturally

Amber Brooks
Amber Brooks Posted:

Short version: The majority of dating sites focus singularly on developing romantic relationships, but everyone needs a web of connections, not just single people. That’s why was created. The site helps singles and couples forge new friendships. While some of these friendships do develop into romantic pairings, NewFriends4U still focuses on helping isolated users make new friends. The site has a long history of success, too. In fact, is based on a service that developed before the internet and email became the norm.

Plenty of adults find it difficult to make new connections outside of their current social and family circles. In fact, many people describe regularly feeling lonely. In one survey of Americans, 72% of respondents reported having felt a sense of loneliness.

Busy adults often lack time to make friends through conventional means, but isolation and difficulty in making friends can be signs of more serious problems that may require individuals to seek professional help.

One platform where time-crunched people can find others looking for camaraderie is Anne Reynolds created the site to help people find friends, activity partners, and pen pals — as well as romance.

Photo of the logo and friends

Users can find friendship or romance on NewFriends4U.

Some members join the site because they’re interested in finding romantic partners, but others recognize that they need more than romance to find fulfillment in their lives. They use NewFriends4U to develop a kinship with other people in their communities or around the globe.

Stories of the platform’s real-world impact can be seen in feedback from its users.

One user, Tania, shared the story of how she has used the site to meet people in her area: “Thanks to your site, I had a great evening last night with three of your members. We met up in Richmond and had a real laugh. They are all lovely, intelligent girls, and due to the nature of the jobs they do, find it hard to meet other single girls for fun nights out. Thanks to New Friends4U, we all now have a new social circle.”

With NewFriends4U, friendship can be only a few clicks away — and that friendship could lead to more.

Like-Minded People Can Find Companions

Signing up for NewFriends4U is free, and the platform makes it easy to develop a profile.

“Free membership allows people to use our service before deciding to upgrade to a subscription,” Anne said. “And subscribers can freely communicate with members that have not yet subscribed, which includes all four of our communication categories.”

Free membership includes searching, sending and receiving messages, saving profiles, and viewing which members are interested in your profile. Paid memberships allow users to see who has viewed their profile, as well as search by member interests.

Photo of Anne Reynolds, Creator

Anne Reynolds created NewFriends4U to connect users with shared interests.

Users can add photos, describe their interests, and discuss what they’re looking for in people they want to meet. Members share whether they’re single, married, or are a couple looking for new friends.

Most other meetup sites focus on dating and forming relationships, but NewFriends4U differentiates itself by catering to people looking for different types of connections.

Some users may seek a group with whom they can play soccer or join for drinks. Others are couples who want to make more married friends or those seeking friends who can give them an international perspective.

A user named Carole describes the online friends she has made through the site:

“This site is fantastic. Already I have made nine friends, three from abroad as pen pals (I have to brush up on letter writing again), and they all email me every morning, and I reply, so I am kept busy. I used to suffer depression due to being lonely, but this correspondence is making a big difference in my life. I would like to say a big thank you to whoever started it up.”

Whatever the intention in joining the site, NewFriends4U users can meet a variety of people from around the world.

“NewFriends4U is based in the UK, and the majority of our members are from the UK, the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand,” Anne said. “We find that our most popular users are over the age of 30.”

While Commitment-Minded Singles Can Meet Potential Partners

The NewFriends4U interface has a comfortable, welcoming feel, and it began as an offline friend-making service before 2001, so that company had already learned many valuable lessons about what users wanted. NewFriends4U applied these lessons to the online space.

Singles looking to date can securely turn to NewFriends4U thanks to the platform’s intense vetting process. The site highlights the fact that it doesn’t have an “anyone can join” policy. Instead, moderators vet all profiles before being accepted onto the site, rejecting those profiles which appear not genuine. They also monitor discussions hosted on the website to keep them appropriate.

“We monitor the site closely, and issues are resolved quickly to maintain the overall friendly ambiance we have strived so hard to create,” Anne said. “We verify all profiles and monitor ads, uploaded photos, and, when necessary, any messages. This allows us to remove anyone misusing our service and make the website a secure place.”

The site also routinely updates its profile pool, so users don’t have to interact with members who are no longer active.

“We remove old inactive profiles from our database to maintain an active database of members,” Anne said.

Screenshot of the NewFriends4U homepage

Signing up on NewFriends4U is easy and free, and users can create a profile in minutes.

That authentically committed and caring atmosphere can be attributed to the site’s management and administration.

“The team at NewFriends4U is a family, and we deal with all the website development, customer service, administration, SEO, and advertising,” Anne said. “We only outsource work where additional skills may be required.”

This kind of atmosphere makes users feel more comfortable interacting with potential friends or partners. Take Nigel, for example, who met his romantic match on NewFriends4U:

“We met through your site with a 98% compatibility,” he said in an online review. “We are totally compatible in everything we do, say, feel, like, and enjoy. So much so it’s quite frightening. We even pick exactly the same things from a menu of 300 items! A million thanks since through you I have found my soulmate and life partner.”

NewFriends4U Develops Innovative Ways to Form Connections

Though NewFriends4U has been online for nearly 20 years — and in existence for even longer — Anne and her team are still working to improve the platform.

“The new version of NewFriends4U just takes a few minutes to sign up, and our matching and messaging process is quick and easy,” she said. “We are truly concerned about the quality of our user experience. We want to ensure easy navigation for everyone who visits our website — regardless of age or device they use.”

“We are very proud to create so many wonderful relationships for our members.” — Anne Reynolds, Creator of

The company is incredibly responsive to user feedback, often enacting changes based on its users’ needs and desires.

“Since 2001, we’ve learned so much about what people want,” Anne said. “Our focus at NewFriends4U is always on good customer service, with 100% approved profiles and personal responses to emails.”

In the end, Anne is proud to have helped others find the fulfilling connections they seek.

“I believe nothing makes people happier than having close personal relationships,” she said. “We are very proud to create so many wonderful relationships for our members — whether it is helping them find a new friend or a soulmate.”