Okcupid Asks How Monogamous Are You

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OkCupid Asks, How Monogamous Are You?

Julie Spira
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Finally, there’s a way to advertise if you’re a player, are serious about finding someone to have an exclusive relationship with or even if you’re interested in an open relationship on OkCupid.

I’m a big fan of this free online dating site and recommend it often to singles looking for love on the Internet.

The more questions you answer, the greater percentages of matches you’ll receive. The questions are thought provoking and provocative at times, which allows you to dig deeper into a profile of a potential date to see how compatible you are in a variety of areas.

They’ve changed some of the features

You might have not noticed it yet, but recently they’ve changed some of the features, and the friend percentage has disappeared.

You can still view a profile and find out your percentage of compatibility based on their algorithms for a match or an enemy, but if you’re looking for friends, in case you don’t click romantically, you’ll have to figure that out on your own.

Now on every profile, in the My Details section on the right, there’s a new category called Relationship Type. This is where you’ll now have the opportunity to state if you’re monogamous or not, or even just how monogamous you really are.

If you think you might stray in a relationship, this feature is for you. This feature may help you find out if someone is a stated player or is ready for a serious relationship.

Those looking to hook up or have casual sex with multiple partners can state they’re “mostly nonmonogamous” or “strictly nonmonogamous” or even “mostly monogamous.”

Those looking for a serious relationship can state they’re “strictly monogamous.”

“Those looking for casual sex

can find someone just as eager.”

I think this will be beneficial to all daters

While I hope you are presenting yourself accurately, we know there isn’t always truth in advertising, and many will post on their profile what they think the other person will want to see.

Still, those looking for casual sex can now select the correct dropdown box, instead of only talking about sex in their profiles, and find someone just as eager to hop in the sack.

To fill in the blanks on your profile, log into OkCupid, go to the edit feature function and scroll down past “income” and before “offspring” to find this new feature.

Every time you make a change to your online dating profile, it will show up in the recent activity stream, so adding this feature and editing your profile will help you appear more often in a search.

Do you think adding a relationship type to determine your level of monogamy is a good idea? Your comments are welcome.

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