Profile Tips For Men Stop Doing This

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Profile Tips for Men: Stop Doing This!

Debra Kunz
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Your photograph is a key piece of your online dating profile and what it says about you can determine how much or what kind of interest you create.

These online dating profile tips for men are begging you to stop treating your picture like an afterthought. It’s pretty much how we women are going to perceive our experience of dating you.

1. Posting photos of you with friends

We want to know you. Women want to learn about you, so show us a snapshot of just you instead of posting photos of yourself with a group of your buddies and making us guess which man you are in the picture.

A common reaction I hear from women is, “I can’t delete him fast enough. How lazy can you be?” It also seems like you are more interested in hanging with your friends than dating.

See the next online dating profile tip for men for another one I hope you’ve never done.

2. Posting photos of you next to the urinal

Also, if you are going to do a self-portrait using your smartphone (I don’t recommend this), at least pay attention to where you are standing when you take it.

For example, don’t take it while you are in the men’s room at work, standing next to the urinals and capturing that ever so attractive expression of, “I really hope no one walks in right now.”

Seriously, I saw this picture myself. The message this sends to women is “I’m clueless.”

Do this instead:

1. Feature a picture that showcases your smile, facial expressions and spirit.

Yes, everyone checks out the physical appearance of the person in the profile, but without showing your personality, you shortchange how you present yourself.

2. Have a friend take a snapshot instead of doing a selfie.

If a friend takes it, you can actually have a natural expression on your face instead of the caution-filled cringe that says, “I hope this picture works. Is my face in the middle? Did I aim it right?”

3. Be sure your photo is current.

You don’t want to connect with someone online, talk to them on the phone and let yourself get a little excited about meeting them only to discover the photo on their profile is from 10 years ago. So don’t do this to her.

Bonus tip:

One more thing: Be sure to show pictures of yourself without sunglasses, without a hat and without a coat. Just like you want to see us, we want to see you.

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