Pros And Cons Of Niche Dating Plus 20 Sites You Didnt Know Existed

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Pros & Cons of Niche Dating (Plus 20 Sites You Didn’t Know Existed)

Lawrence Chernin
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Although niche dating sites are typically much smaller than one-size-fits-all sites like, they do offer some significant advantages.

Firstly, niche dating sites will have special features that apply to their niche. For example, anonymity is very important to those on Ashley Madison (a site for extramarital affairs) because their members don’t want anyone in their circle finding out they’re on that site.

These sites also can be blogs or special forums for discussion of topics related to the niche. For example, on Jdate (the biggest Jewish dating site) members would want to express more information about the type of Judaism they follow or maybe they are just culturally Jewish and nonreligious. Jdate also offers trips to Israel for singles groups.

Secondly, you can be sure the other members on these sites take the niche theme seriously in making their dating decisions.

For example, if someone says they want to meet someone Christian on, it’s not clear how important religion is to them, but if you find them on Christian Mingle, it’s more likely the members make religion a high priority in their lives.

Members on are likely to work out every day and take their health very seriously.

The downside of using niche dating sites is they tend to be much smaller than the major sites, and some of them, while sounding and looking cool, may not have many active members.

 “If you’re looking to cheat,

Ashley Madison is the place to go.”

The easiest way to find out how active a website is would be to look up it’s traffic. Below I have listed the 20 biggest dating sites per niche. Take a look and then take your pick!

1. (cheating)



4. (senior)


6. (Jewish)


8. (money)



11. (college)


13. (plus-sized dating)



16. (looks)


18. (Mormon)

19. (intelligence)


As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re looking to cheat on your spouse, then Ashley Madison is the place to go. If you want to meet someone who drives a tractor, then your best best is and so on. Good luck on your niche dating journey!

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