Stepfather Creates Craigslist Ad To Find Date For Stepdaughter

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Stepfather Creates Craigslist Ad to Find Date for Stepdaughter

Gina Stewart
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There’s a really funny viral Craigslist ad making its way around the Internet this week.

This stepfather in Gainesville, Fla., posted an ad on Craigslist offering a free ticket to the Florida-Tennessee football game.

The circumstances were such that the person would be going to the game with his stepdaughter, whose date (“his loss”) had canceled.

Pictures of his attractive daughter were included, as well as the qualification of her date.

Some people are appalled by this and some are amused.

I think it’s kind of awesome. Being in the online dating industry, my own dad has been telling me he wants to pick my dates.

The idea of families picking mates is not new.

It is downright unimaginable to many western cultures, but many statistics point to arranged marriages as being some of the more successful, in both marital satisfaction as well as divorce rates.

I’m not condoning child brides or anything like that, but maybe there is something to the idea of your parents selecting a mate (or date) for you.

Why could this work?

Generally, your parents want the best for you. Your parents also have a wealth of relationship knowledge that surpasses your years on the Earth.

As we’ve all discovered in our own lives, hindsight being 20/20 is a painfully true cliche. Our parents’ hindsight and ability to empathize to your own dating and love lives means they just may be able to see the road ahead of you more clearly than you can yourself.

It could be argued that what they consider the deal-breakers and deal-makers are the elements that actually make for a successful long-term relationship, and your parents are less likely to make their decisions on their emotional state, like some of us singletons love to do.

“If only we had the convictions to apply

these tenants to our own dating lives.”

The things I loved about the ad:

  1. He knows what great things his daughter brings to the table and isn’t shy about letting these guys know. His compliments of her show a genuine love for her.
  2. He’s not afraid to outline qualifications of the right man in order to be deserving of her. The expectations he places on her date don’t surpass what she herself is.
  3. He sets clear guidelines of what this guy has to do for these tickets: He has to treat his daughter properly to a date. In other words, the date’s resume doesn’t just have to fit, but he’s expected to treat her properly.

Have you ever forgotten your good qualities, settled for less than you deserve or been treated improperly? If only we all had the convictions to apply these tenants to our own dating lives, maybe we’d have a better shot at a great relationship.

In the meantime, maybe “father knows best” is a good experiment to see if the best matchmaker for you is the one who happened to give you life?

What do you think? Would you ever let your parent do the scouting of a date for you? Or if you have tried it, how did it go?

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