The 6 Craziest Craigslist Missed Connections

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The 6 Craziest Craigslist Missed Connections

Gina Stewart
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Life is full of vanishing moments and effervescent opportunities.

If you ask any high school economics teacher, they would tell you we are always making choices with an opportunity cost, which means for every decision you make, you sacrifice having made any other decision.

Craigslist knows this, hence their forlorn section of opportunity lost: Missed Connections. It’s where the timid congregate to bemoan not taking a chance when they had the opportunity to or having never been able to.

The hope is the little section of this website will be their lottery ticket to getting back what they’d lost. To the casual reader, many of those moments captured by their love-lost writers are better than all of the others.

Here are the top 6 Craigslist missed connections.

6. Remember the Alamo… or burrito

Remember the Alamo... or burrito

Being from the Southwest, there is little more I appreciate than a well-made, delicious burrito. But to love and lose a burrito place? Cannot imagine that heartbreak.

5.  Desperately seeking stink breath

Desperately seeking stink breath

I write dating profiles all the time, and it seems men with stink breath fly under the radar way too often.

I hope this woman can maybe get a greyhound and sniff him out. Or maybe he’s attending stink breath anonymous meetings?

4. Cray-cray like a Carrie Underwood song 

Cray-cray like a Carrie Underwood song

I hope anger management class offers writing skillz cause this lady has a future in the written word.

P.S. As a white gurl named Gina, I just want to be clear the air that I am not the other woman in this fairy tale. Any bets on whether this one lasts?

3.  Horny mourning

Horny mourning

Once again Craigslist proves things you thought were limited to funny scenes from “Wedding Crashers” really do happen in Kansas City. I’d love to meet them at a cocktail party and ask how they met.

2. Boy meets girl. She poops on his car. Happily ever after.

Boy meets girl. She poops on his car. Happily ever after.

Is this not a modern Cinderella story? I mean, she even left her shoe… and feces, which I think has some DNA properties to streamline his search!

1.Ted’s real story of “How I Met Your Mother”

Had to include this sweet one. If Nicholas Sparks ruled the world, we’d be seeing this happy ending on the big screen staring Selena Gomez in two years.

Ted’s real story of "How I Met Your Mother"

We’ve all wondered what might have been. Have any of you ever placed a Missed Connection ad to try to replace your lost moment with someone special? Has anyone ever found their person through Missed Connections?

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