The Best Ways To Meet Your Online Dates Offline

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The Best Ways to Meet Your Online Dates Offline

Robert Rodriguez
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When you are talking to someone online, there comes a point when you may decide to meet each other. Sounds pretty simple, right? Pick a place and then meet there.

However, many people may wonder if there is some process to asking for the meet-up and what you should do in order to meet up.

Should you pick up your date or meet at the date location?

From the girl’s perspective, it seems she has to be more wary when meeting up than guys do.

In general, women can take some precautions like meeting their date at the date location or even meeting them after they are inside the venue.

Meeting up or getting picked up at your home definitely depends on your comfort level.

There is also the option of meeting the guy at his place and going from there.

I don’t suggest having the guy pick you up.

It is just better for him not to know where you live. Keeping your residence private is pretty important until you assess that he is completely normal.

It is nice to be picked up and it definitely lets you play the feminine role. Women and men naturally desire to play their gender roles by being picked up at their home or being the one picking up.

However, you have tons of time for that to happen later. Patience is definitely a good virtue while on the first date.

In all of my time doing online dating, I have found it interesting that women are generally fearless when it comes to meeting up.

I think it is possible they have an advanced perception system that makes them know or feel if the guy is safe or not. I have had educated and attractive women meet me directly at my home and come inside.

In general, meeting at the location is the easiest and safest option because it avoids having to be at either of your private residences.

It also shows investment for both of you because you both met halfway for the date. At that point, there is even ground for you both to see eye to eye.

“You can pick her up from her place as

long as you keep a non-needy mindset.”

From the guy’s point of view, I suggest a different approach.

If you are willing to make an impression on the girl, you can invite her to your place and then drive from there.

It is a little bit different than picking her up because it requires an investment and commitment on her part to meet at your place. At the same time, you get to assert your masculinity by driving to the venue.

In my experience, I have had many many girls do this and it adds another element to the date.

It also gives both of you the option, if things end up getting hot and heavy, for the date to end up at your place at the end of the night.

Picking her up directly from her place shows a high level of commitment on your side. Keep in mind this is the first date and you may not want to jump in that far yet for fear of turning her off.

You can pull off picking her up from her place as long as you keep a non-needy mindset and are not doing it for fear of her possibly rejecting you otherwise. Women can pick up on this type of energy and will see you as a try-hard.

However, if you pick her up because it is just something you do, then it will come off as normal.

To recap, you can consider three options when meeting up: pick the girl up at her house, meet each other at the date location or have the girl come to your house and drive to the date location from there.

Each of these options has certain advantages, risks and rewards. Weigh your options beforehand, and then jump in and enjoy your date.

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