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“What Do His Texts Mean?!”

Julie Spira
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Digital dating can be fun and flirty, but it also comes with a huge amount of anxiety when you don’t hear the other person’s voice.

Just how confused are you by the text messages he sends? What if your ex texts you out of nowhere? Is he looking to rekindle the spark? Does he have regrets about your breakup? Is he looking for a booty call?

In a recent article on Cosmopolitan, they featured the new site HeTexted.com, which caught my digital eye. The site allows you to post his text messages by uploading screenshots for their members to comment on.

The site has a group of guys who will tell the ladies exactly what a particular text means and will help them prevent making fools of themselves by sending multiple text messages. It’s a new form of text-therapy.

Typically, a woman wants to know if a guy is really interested in her or not. After she posts the text exchange, readers can vote in the following ways:

  1. He’s into you
  2. He’s not into you
  3. Verdict is still out

Example #1:

She texts: Hey you! Miss me?

He texts:  Hey! Where were you yesterday? And I’ll need a good explanation lol/jk

She texts: I was being a good girl…. Let’s see, I left work really late, bought tires for my car, went jogging, made dinner, watched a show and went to bed. Where were you?

He texts: All right, all right. I’ll let it slide.

She’s wondering: How into me can he really be? We live almost 2,000 miles away from each other. He sometimes just drops off the face of the Earth. He hasn’t had a girlfriend since we used to hang out in years. Oh, he is super hot with an amazing body. Please help! I need a sign.


“Relying solely on text may put

you in the digital doghouse.”

The voters said:

  • He’s into you: 17
  • He’s not into you: 0
  • Verdict is still out: 2

Example #2:

He texts: Mornings like this remind me of mornings with you (=

She’s wondering: He broke up with me about two months ago and he’s back with his ex-girlfriend now. I can’t tell if he’s just messing with me or what! This is one of three texts like this he’s sent me in the last couple weeks, all of them talking about things the remind him of us…almost like he misses us.

The voters said:

  • He’s into you: 13
  • He’s not into you: 13
  • Verdict is still out: 2

Have you ever read more into a text message or been confused by the exchange?

IMHO, if this has happened to you, pick up the phone and call the other person. Relying solely on text may put you in the digital doghouse.

Photo source: sheknows.com.