Why Do Online Daters Love Camping

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Why Do Online Daters Love Camping?

Justin McClure
Justin McClure Updated:
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Every online dater seems to love being outdoors. Check out 10 online dating profiles and I’m sure seven of them will mention their love for camping or hiking, maybe even both.

Get someone to fill out an online dating profile and all of a sudden they transform into Yogi Bear roughing it in the woods all day.

Most online daters live in very suburban areas surrounded by outlet malls and freeways.

Are they hiking to far-off places like J.C. Penny?

Definitely bring a compass because it might be hard to find your way home from Radio Shack.

You live beside a golf course. Maybe your idea of hiking is walking around the 16th green eating beanie-weenies from a can and not shaving for a week.

Some people have different hiking standards I suppose.

I live in New York City, and I recently read a dating profile of a woman proclaiming her love for camping. She lives in Brooklyn – all concrete and stores. Where is she camping, Kmart?

I suppose she is walking inside and pitching a tent in isle seven, camping out and disassembling furniture to make forest fires. Kmart calls the cops and she’s taken to jail, which counts as more “hiking.”

Having to live in a jail cell is another type of camping, which makes total sense because jail food is very similar to how most people eat in the woods.

“Don’t try to represent what

others want to hear.”

If you love something, that means you participate it often.

To garner an emotion of love for something is based on the inculcation of exposure to the activity. Bluntly, you can’t love hiking and go only once a year. Loving something is doing it often.

A friend of mine said, “I love hiking.” I asked when was the last time he went hiking and he said last March. That’s not love. It means he went one time last year in March.

Doing something once a year isn’t tantamount to love. It’s more pandering in trying to say what we think others want to hear.

When you fill out a profile, represent yourself accurately.

Be you. Don’t try to represent what others want to hear. Instead, tell them who you really are.

You don’t love camping and hiking. You do it once a year, but every night you watch reality TV shows and eat Burger King combo meals. That’s what you love.

Replace hiking and camping with “I love awful TV and fast food.” Don’t worry if nobody writes you back because that leaves you more time to hike and camp.

Bring some Burger King with you – those mountains won’t climb themselves.

Photo source: greenweddingshoes.com.