Why She Wont Respond To Your Email

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Why She Won’t Respond to Your Email

Julie Spira
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If you think the “selfie” photo in the mirror turned her off, that is not the only reason she is taking a pass on your email introduction.

It is no secret online dating is a numbers game, but online dating sites and chat rooms are no longer filled with 90 percent men. The percentages of men and women are pretty much equal.

Does this make you wonder why guys are not getting luckier online?

Here is the deal:

When a woman’s profile is brand new, she is overwhelmed with emails, often to the point of turning off her computer.

Men are wired for the chase. They want to appear first in her inbox before the competition catches up.

Men love to check the category to view the newest members, but that is when their odds are the lowest of hearing back from her.

It is a crowded digital playing field out there.

The perfect mixture of the right photos, correct word count, catchy screen name, truth in advertising are all important, but not as important as timing.

You have heard people say, “It just takes time when you are looking for love online.” It is time to face the facts. None of us are really that patient.

We sign up for one month hoping we will find the love of our life. The truth is, we go on a handful of bad dates and give up easily.

I am here to tell you timing is everything.

So, what is the secret formula of when you should contact her?

“It’s difficult for women to write back

when there is an abundance of emails.”

Give yourself three weeks.

Yes, I know you are thinking she might have already found the right guy in three weeks, but in three weeks, she will no longer be receiving 50 to 100 emails a day from guys she is not interested in.

After three weeks, she will be happy to get a few emails a day. Believe me, she will be reading them.

It is difficult for women to decide who to write back to when there is an abundance of emails coming in. Keeping the dates organized becomes a chore.

After a few weeks of not connecting, she will be paying more attention to your email.

Keep the email short, compliment her on something in her profile, ask a question and let her know it would be great to hear back from her.

Guys, have you ever had a woman ignore your emails? How did it make you feel? How are you going to use these tips to improve your situation?

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