11 Best Senior Dating Blogs

Senior Dating

11 Best Senior Dating Blogs

Hayley Matthews
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Just like a fine wine or cheese, daters only get better with age. You come into your own, learn who you really are (and what you like), cultivate hobbies and interests, and have some amazing stories to tell.

The good news is senior dating has gotten better with age, too, especially in terms of online senior dating. Modern seniors have embraced online dating and used it as a way to start a new love life in their golden years. If you want to join them, take a look at our 11 Best Senior Dating Blogs, which we chose based on popularity, content, and expertise.



Welcome to a vibrant atmosphere of senior singles! SilverSingles is a simple and fun site with all of the information you could want on dating, especially online. Get tips for anything from which day escapes are the best and how to handle children as gatekeepers. If you’ve got a question about dating after 50, the answer is here.

URL: SilverSingles.com

“Your mature dating review site,” FreeMatureDatingSites is there to provide you with quality dating advice and help you find the best senior dating site for whatever your needs may be — whether you’re looking for a fun friendship, casual date, long-term relationship, or even marriage. With helpful articles like “Why You Should Consider Dating a Guy Who is Over 40,” FreeMatureDatingSites has got your back from every angle of senior dating.

URL: freematuredatingsites.com

Got a question about senior dating? Ask April! April Braswell understands that dating can be more difficult or intimidating with age, and she aims to comfort and encourage anyone seeking a date online. That’s why she fills her site with advice on how to handle dating as a baby boomer. You can find tips, tricks and videos on everything you need to be successful as a midlife single looking for mature dating.

URL: aprilbraswell.com



Life doesn’t end at 50, and the people at AARP know this. That’s why their blog covers everything you could want it to, including dating, sex and intimacy. Learn the latest news in the relationship world, whether that’s the keys to a happy, long-term marriage or sex secrets from millennials. It’s a wealth of pertinent information.

URL: dating.aarp.org

As an advocate for ageless sexuality, Joan Price celebrates the joys and discusses the challenges of sex and aging. She posts views, news and reviews, as well as answers reader questions and provides her expert advice. She is candid and open, offering a refreshing venue for you to get the knowledge you’re looking for.

URL: betterthanieverexpected.blogspot.com

Finding herself divorced at 50, Lisa Copeland struggled to find a dating coach who could relate to her needs, so she became one. Now she shares her insights and answers reader questions, offering real solutions for anyone dating people of a certain age. She believes dating should always be easy and fun, no matter what your age, and she has uplifted many mature women seeking love and friendship. Learn more about Lisa and her coaching techniques here.

URL: findaqualityman.com

After losing her husband, Sienna Jai Fein was shocked when she re-entered the dating realm. She shares her tales of dating after 60 with a keen sense of humor while also writing about how relationships and dating have changed over the years. You’ll love her wit and honesty as she kisses a few frogs and teaches you a few things.

URL: datingseniormen.com

Ken Solin


Ken Solin is a professional relationship coach who’s written three books on the topic. He helps people – especially men – develop practical emotional skills. He gets that seniors aren’t looking for their next date. They’re looking for their last. His wise advice will help you find it. “I just want to get people started on a good path, so they can date successfully without me,” Ken told us in an interview.

URL: kensolin.com

The diva of dating Walker Thornton knows 50 is “aging unapologetically” and still just as interested in love and sex as she was in her 20s and 30s. She uses her blog to delve into midlife topics, particularly those relating to sex and relationships. She believes each stage of our life brings new opportunities and challenges for our sexuality, and they’re all worth exploring. Her empowering advice could be the vote of confidence you need to get back out there.

URL: https://walkerthornton.com/

At SPD, they’re about more than just dating. They want you to find the perfect relationship for you. They offer advice and opportunities for whatever kind of arrangement you want from dating and romance, companionship and travel buddies. You can rest assured that your needs are addressed with SPD.

URL: 50plusconnects.com

At BA50, they’re working to redefine middle age and make the most of where they are in their lives. While they address all facets of getting older, their relationship category is brimming with information on everything from divorce to masturbation. If you’re wondering about life and love after 50, look no further than here.

URL: betterafter50.com

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