Singles Travel International Organizes Getaways For Senior Singles

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Singles Travel International Organizes Life-Changing Group Getaways for Senior Singles

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The Short Version: Singles Travel International is a travel agency dedicated to bringing groups of senior singles on fabulous vacations. Traveling solo can be challenging, ostracizing, and sometimes unsafe. Singles Travel International gives singles over the age of 50 the opportunity to experience getaways to the fullest. Singles tours range from Caribbean cruises to expeditions to Antarctica and the Galapagos. With Singles Travel International, there’s nowhere you can’t go!

Last winter, a few friends and I took a little getaway to America’s favorite tourist trap – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We all pitched in to rent a cabin outside of town and were excited to dig our fingers into all the classic holiday-time vibe that the area offered. When we got to the quaint mountain cabin just outside of town, my friend and her boyfriend who organized the trip made sleeping assignments.

Everybody got their own room except for me and the only other non-coupled person there. As the couples settled into their comfy and private bedrooms, my other single friend and I pulled out the sleeper sofa and looked at the crusty mattress with dismay.

I don’t let something as trivial as the kind of bed I sleep on get me down (most of the time), but I was still disappointed. My friend and I felt like we were getting a subpar vacation experience just because we weren’t in a relationship. And it didn’t feel fair at all. 

Singles Travel International is making sure singles never have a second-class travel experience again. The travel agency has perfected the art of solo travel, bringing groups of solo travelers together for vacations that are always exciting and never lonely.

Tammy Weiler is the owner of Singles Travel International. She told us about the agency and what singles can expect when traveling with them. 

“A lot of times, if you go on a trip and you’re the only single person there, it’s pretty ostracizing,” Tammy said. “But if you’re in a dedicated singles group, there’s a welcoming and community-oriented feel. Everyone is included.”

Vacations Where Singles Are Celebrated

Traveling as a single person can be challenging for many reasons. When it comes to costs, traveling solo tends to be way more expensive. Many accommodations are priced for two people, meaning costs are higher when traveling alone. It can also be difficult to book excursions or tours when you’re traveling by yourself.

Singles who are traveling with friends may experience loneliness during the trip. While it’s great to travel with friends, if a single’s friends are all coupled up, it’s easy for things to get lonely. Traveling as a single in a group of couples can be a frustrating and isolating experience, and those should never be words used to describe a vacation.

singles travel international logo
Singles Travel International offers senior singles a safe, fun, and affordable way to travel.

Solo travelers usually have safety concerns. Traveling alone, especially in a foreign country with an unfamiliar language, can be a daunting experience. Not having a partner for comfort or help making decisions can make the experience less enjoyable.

Singles Travel International started offering singles group vacations to eliminate the  difficulties in traveling alone. Tammy told us that it’s super important to the agency to keep their trips reserved for singles only.

“We only invite single people, and you have to be unmarried,” Tammy said. “That’s a huge point for us. A lot of agencies say they specialize in singles, and then you get there, and it’s a mixed group of married and unmarried. And that can be pretty disappointing.”

Singles Travel International is committed to giving singles over the age of 50 unforgettable and exciting vacations, complete with plenty of friends to enjoy it with. 

30 Years of Checking Off Bucket Lists

Singles Travel International has over 30 years of experience organizing singles tours and has visited picturesque locations all over the world. Singles can filter trips by activities, date, destination, and departure date.

The agency plans trips months and even years in advance. This gives singles plenty of time to prepare and plan their schedules around the trip. Singles Travel International offers luxury and business-class vacation experiences to suit the needs of every single.

singles travel international arctic cruise views
Singles on the Viking Cruise to the Arctic Circle will enjoy breathtaking views.

Singles Travel International’s upcoming luxury trips include a cruise to Portugal to explore vineyards and villages, and a cruise to the Arctic Circle, called the Viking Cruise

The Vietnam, Cambodia, and Mekong River Singles Cruise is another luxury vacation the agency offers. They’ve chartered the entire ship for the excursion, and stops will include Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap and finish with a cruise down the Mekong River.

Tammy was excited to tell us about one of the newer additions to Singles Travel International. “Just last week, we launched a brand new concept– pickleball trips. They say it’s the fastest-growing sport in all demographics. We’re proud to announce that our first singles pickleball vacation is coming up in Ecuador in March.”

Singles, regardless of their vacation tastes, are sure to find a trip that stirs excitement with Singles Travel International. 

Travel Sparks Companionship and Camaraderie

There’s a natural question that arises with the utterance of “singles trip.” Are people trying to meet and mingle? Tammy gave us some insight.

“We’ve actually done research on this,” she said. “A lot of the men on our trips are looking for companionship, and a lot of the women chose a singles excursion because they like to travel with a group and be safe.” Tammy said that despite this dynamic, she thinks nobody would really turn down a chance to have an exciting fling with another single while on vacation. 

singles travel international tour group
Travelers with Singles Travel International always have a group to share their vacation with.

Some true love connections have been made of Singles Travel International trips. Many of the singles have shared interests and backgrounds, making mingling easy. Tammy said that a couple who met on a trip to Fiji tied the knot in April of 2023. 

She also said that since many of the singles on the trip are above the age of 60, many are settled and comfortable in their lifestyles and simply looking for some vacation friendship.

Singles over 50 years old who are interested in traveling with Singles Travel International should check out its premium membership option. Members get early trip announcements with great discounts.

Singles Travel International gives senior singles a simple way to vacation. Gone are the days of stressing about increased costs or fretting over safety concerns. Singles Travel International has it covered.