31% of 10th-Graders Have Received a Sext, 21% Have Sent a Sext

C. Price

Sexting is common among the general population, but sexting may occur at even higher rates among teens, according to a new study.

Looking at data pulled from 1,034 10th-grade students in an urban school district in Texas, the study found more than 31 percent of 10th-graders have received a sext and 21 percent have sent a sext.

Among the study’s respondents, researchers found black males and females sexted more often than Hispanic males and females. Hispanic females reported the least amount of sexting (sending and receiving).


“Thirty-one percent of 10th-graders have received

a sext and 21 percent have sent a sext.”

Published in the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, the study notes these findings are similar to previous research that found females are more likely to create and send sexts and males are more likely to be on the receiving end of a sext.

However, researchers note this may be because Hispanic females have been shown to see this sort of sexual communication as disrespectful.

The study ultimately found sexting rates among minorities are roughly equivalent to sexting rates among white private school children evaluated in previous research.

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