Classes Help Individuals Develop Ideas of Healthy Relationships

C. Price
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How can anyone build a healthy relationship if they’ve never experienced or seen one in their own life? Relationship and marriage classes may just offer the solution to this problem.

New research coming out of BYU and the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center suggests relationship education classes help individuals set expectations for their couplings, develop healthy ideas of what relationships are (and aren’t) and pick up the basics of how to treat their partners.

The study cites the breakdown in the popularity of marriage, the increasing number of failed marriages and the lack of attendance at religious institutions (where marriage skills were traditionally taught) as reasons why individuals may need to attend dedicated marriage and relationship classes in order to be prepared to engage in their own healthy connections with others.

Marriage and relationship classes are considered especially helpful for low-income individuals and minority individuals, as the study states these individuals have statistically lower levels of exposure to successful relationships than others.

As study co-author Theodora Ooms notes:

“It seems logical people should prepare for relationships and find out what we know about this and how we can make relationships work better. We prepare for child birth and driver’s education.”

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