Financially Insecure Women Prefer Feminine-Looking Men

C. Price

According to a new study, women choose romantic partners based on their financial security.

In a recent study by the University of Queensland, researchers found women who were financially insecure preferred feminine-looking men, stating they felt the feminine men would make better providers and more committed partners than the masculine men.

Researchers used software to make online dating profile pictures either more masculine or more feminine and asked 700 participants to evaluate these profiles.


“Women felt feminine-looking men were less likely

to stray and more willing to share assets.”

Results showed women felt feminine-looking men were less likely to stray and more willing to share money and assets and masculine-looking men were more likely to cheat and less likely to share their resources.

However, participants who were ovulating or looking for a fling preferred the masculine-looking men.

Study co-author Dr. Shelli Dubbs said while the research may correlate broader changes in female preferences to larger economic trends, it’s important to note different women prefer different types of men depending on what those women are looking for.

“We always say that nice guys finish last, but this shows more masculine guys aren’t always preferred by women,” she said.

Source: The University of Queensland School of Psychology via Photo source:

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