Here’s Why 88% of Guys Last Longer in Bed Than You Do

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There may be an exciting new therapy for men suffering from premature ejaculation: pelvic exercises.

According to a new study conducted by Sapienza University, men can extend the length of time they’re able to perform in bed through a simple regime of pelvic exercises.

Premature ejaculation is a common issue that can affect men at any age, though many find relief through everything from antidepressants and ointments, to simple mental techniques.

The 40 participants in this study, however, were each lifelong suffers who’d found no relief through other methods.

For the purpose of the study, premature ejaculation was defined as taking less than a minute to climax. The male volunteers, aged 19 to 46, were trained in a series of pelvic exercises and asked to do them regularly for a three-month period.

“The amount of time before ejaculation

occurred quadrupled to two and a half minutes.”

Before the study, 32 seconds was the average amount of time before ejaculation occurred. However, that amount had more than quadrupled to almost two and a half minutes by the time the study was complete.

Five of the men did not experience any significant improvement during the course of the research. However, that did not dampen the results to the study’s co-authors.

“The rehabilitation exercises are easy to perform, with no reported adverse effects,” said Dr. Antonio Pastore, of Sapienza University of Rome. Pastore, who led the study, presented his findings to the European Congress of Urology in Stockholm.

“This is a small study, so the effects need to be verified in a bigger trial. Nevertheless, the results are very positive,” he said.

Carlo Bettocchi, study co-author and a professor and spokesman for the association, added, “Premature ejaculation is a real problem for many men, and any way which we can find to help this condition is welcome. This method is particularly welcome because it is the sufferers themselves who overcome the problem through their own efforts, which will have additional psychological benefits.”

Pastore agreed, pointing to how an improved sex life can help with self-condifence, especially when the recovery was something they contributed to improving.

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