Men with Low-Pitched Voices Likely to Have Lower Concentration of Sperm

C. Price

Why do women find men with low-pitched voices attractive?

One theory states secondary sexual characteristics in men, such as low voices, indicate those men are more fertile than other men with less defined characteristics.

A study funded by the Australian Research Council Professorial Fellowships tested this theory and found men with low-pitched voices actually had a lower concentration of sperm than men with high-pitched voices

Researchers recruited 54 adult males between the ages of 18 and 32 and recorded their voices. They then recruited 30 adult females (ages 18 to 30) to listen to these voices and rate them based on attractiveness and perceived masculinity.


“Researchers found men with low-pitched voices

actually had a lower concentration of sperm.”

Unsurprisingly, the female participants rated low-pitched voices as more attractive than high-pitched voices.

Once each male participant’s voice was rated, each male was asked to provide a semen sample. Researchers measured each sample based on sperm volume and motility.

Researchers said males have “finite resources” to split between every element of reproductive success, and men whose bodies devote those resources toward developing their attractiveness have fewer resources to devote toward producing high-quality semen.


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