Modern Women More Open to First-Date Sex Than Men

C. Price
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Contrary to cultural assumptions, modern women are far more open to slipping into bed with someone they just met than modern men.

This interesting revelation comes out of new research conducted by UK-based dating website, which found that while 50 percent of participating men said they’d feel turned off if a woman wanted to have sex on the first date, only 39 percent of women expressed this discomfort.

Markus Fischer, Parship’s director, expressed his surprise at these findings, noting the data suggests cultural beliefs about dating and sex may not hold up under scrutiny as much as we originally thought.

“Only 39 percent of women said they’d

feel turned off by sex on the first date.”

“While stereotypes would have us believe otherwise, men are clearly the more prudish of the two sexes,” Fischer said.

A number of other surveys have demonstrated a similar gender reversal in relationship assumptions. For example, a recent study from Barclay’s Bank found men were twice as likely as women (16 percent compared to 9 percent) to want to spend a large amount of money on a big, lavish wedding.

However, desiring sex wasn’t the main turn-off men and women feel on a first date. Both sexes reported a date turning up poorly groomed was the biggest turn-off on a first date, followed closely by a blind date showing up and being nothing like how they described themselves online.

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