More Intense Orgasms? Yes, Please!

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Can the body’s own natural hormone that’s released during sex be used to help intensify orgasms?

According to a new study, an added dose of the so-called “love hormone” oxytocin may make people’s orgasms feel more intense, plus some other added benefits.

Either an oxytocin nasal spray or a placebo spray was given to 29 couples, each of whom had been together for at least one year. In a spray form, each partner was asked to apply it before having intercourse.

Afterward each partner would then complete a survey related to the sexual experience and their owns feelings about their partner.

Couples using the hormone spray, more especially the men, reported experiencing a slightly more intense orgasm compared with those using the placebo spray.

Similarly, the men reported a stronger emotional connection with their partner and were slightly more sexually satisfied.

Women, on the other hand, proved more likely to feel comfortable sharing sexual desires with their partner after use of the hormone.

“Couples using the hormone spray

experience a more intense orgasm.”

Researchers warn the results were only marginal, in some cases less than half a point’s difference on a six-point scale.

According to the study’s authors at Hannover Medical School in Germany, “This field study demonstrates that [oxytocin] may alter specific aspects of sexual experience and partner interactions in healthy couples.”

The use of the hormone in no way assists with any physical sexual arousal, either by encouraging a male erection or improved vaginal lubrication for women.

However, some of the results may have been skewed by the body’s own natural release of the hormone during the testing, the researchers caution. They said further study is needed to determine its true effectiveness.

The study was published in March in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

Source: livescience.com. Photo source: dailymail.co.uk