Parent/Child Relationships Affect the Quality of Adult Romantic Relationships

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New research shows children’s interactions with Mom and Dad can be a strong predictor of how successful they’ll be in terms of their romantic relationships.

Titled “The Long Reach of Childhood,” the study interpreted data from 3,980 participants, comparing how they responded to a personal history survey involving both their parents and their partners.

Authors Eva-Maria Merz and Suzanne Jak wanted to explore a mix of psychological factors, including over-attachments to a specific parent during younger years and overall levels of loneliness.

In terms of attachment, being especially close to fathers proved a considerably stronger predictor of relationship trouble ahead.


“The issue most reported was an

overly-attached relationship with mothers.”

The study, which was published in the latest issue of the Advances in Life Course Research, compared levels of childhood stress against current levels of loneliness and the quality of relationships with family and partners during both stages.

These results do not undermine the notion that two parents are better than one, the authors explained.

Jaks reminds that mothers and fathers take on different responsibilities and connections with their children, which can shift over time.

The issue most reported was an overly-attached relationship with mothers, both for male and females.

However, even adults who reported a close but difficult relationship with their moms, including ongoing fights, reported a healthier relationship history.

Yet it was the absence of a connection with Mom that continually proved to indicate relationship trouble.

Source: ScienceDirect.com. Photo source: blogcdn.com.