Study Examines Why Women are Ready for Round Two More Than Men

C. Price
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The female orgasm has had an interesting history, from being largely viewed as a myth by some, to being repeatedly parodied by comedians for its contrast to the male experience.

From the male perspective, however, much of what is known about a female orgasm is still secondhand knowledge, passed on from someone “in the know.”

But new research, which was published in the Journal of Sex Research, is aiming to change some of that, offering clearer explanations to men for the behavioral deviations between the genders when it comes to sexual gratification.

Volunteers in the study, male and female, were asked to masturbate for extended periods both in the lab and while at home, all while being monitored. Researchers with McGill University tracked their vitals during some sessions, including genital temperature.

One key difference in the male experience versus the female is the appetite for another orgasm immediately following an orgasm. While women are seen as more likely to be interested in a second round, the researchers now believe this is largely an issue of physiology.

“One difference is female appetite for

another orgasm immediately following.”

Following an orgasm, men were found to lose their level of desire and arousal “more rapidly and profoundly” compared with female counterparts. The woman were found to retain genital temperature for longer periods following climax.

Women were also found to experience some of their highest pleasure levels after a first climax, despite being less physically aroused. According to the researchers, women are still coasting on their desire and are mentally still attuned for sex.

Men, on the other hand, are less able to rebound physically. In post-climax questioning, they were indeed found to be considerably less interested in achieving another orgasm compared to women in the group.

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