Savers Viewed as More Attractive Dating Prospects Than Spenders

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Are you a frugal person? There may actually be sex appeal in being thrifty.

According to new research, having the self-control to budget may be more attractive to potential partners over extravagant spending.

The findings come as part of a study from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, cleverly titled “A Penny Saved Is A Partner Earned,” which was co-authored by Jenny G. Olson.

The study suggests a person disciplined enough to display responsibility with their finances will also have the maturity to properly commit to a relationship.

According to Olson, saving may be diagnostic of broader self-control.

“A person responsible with finances

will also commit to a relationship.”

For their report, Olson and her colleagues reviewed survey data and conducted experiments using volunteers.

The participants were, among other things, asked to rate various characteristics in potential partners in terms of desirability.

Researchers found as long as the frugality is not excessive, the trait was not viewed as a negative one.

The report also suggests those who budget may be seen as being potentially attractive in the literal sense.

“Savers are naturally viewed as possessing greater general self-control, which increases their romantic and physical attractiveness,” according to the report.

Olson believes the practice of splurging or an overly excessive lifestyle can be a potential turn-off.

“You would think that spending would be more attractive, because things like flashy watches or purses are so visible,” she said. “Those things can also be perceived as wasteful and lacking in self-control.”

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