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I’m Ready to Move On. Should I Put Myself Out There?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/14/12

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How Do I Break Up With My Girlfriend?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/14/12

Guys, if you have come to a place where you realize it’s time to part ways with your girlfriend and you are going to have...(read more)

How Women Can Cope With a Breakup

How Women Can Cope With a Breakup

By: Lauren Hostert • 9/13/12

A bad breakup can be trying on even the most independent woman. Rejection plus sudden change is a math equation no one wants...(read more)

How Long Should I Mourn a Breakup?

By: Nick Slade • 8/24/12

As with most affairs of the heart, there are easy, logical answers that don’t always jibe with your human response....(read more)

He Never Takes Me Anywhere. Do I Move On?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 8/24/12

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She Said She Will Always Love Me. How Do I Move On?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 8/17/12

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If the Sex is Bad, Do I End the Relationship?

By: Nick Slade • 8/17/12

If the sex sucks but there is a genuine bond of friendship and compassion, keep working on it. When the sexual passion builds...(read more)

I Think I Lost Him Forever. Can You Give Me Some Advice?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 8/10/12

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How to Date an Ex’s Friend

How to Date an Ex’s Friend

By: Bethany Heinesh • 8/6/12

I am often asked by women seeking dating advice if it’s ever OK to date an ex’s friend. While there are a number of...(read more)

How Do I Ask for More Space?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 8/3/12

There are two sentences a woman never wants to hear from a boyfriend – "I just want to be friends" and "I need some space."...(read more)