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Texting Do’s and Don’ts

Texting Do’s and Don’ts

By: Lauren Hostert • 6/11/15

More and more, texting is taking the place of traditional voice-to-voice calling. It's convenient, you can respond without...(read more)

Is it OK to Have Some Secrets?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

Women often ask if they are required by some relationship rule or dating devotional to tell their man every little thing. We...(read more)

What is Wrong with Dating the Mom of Your Daughter’s Boyfriend?

By: Kara Pound • 9/25/14

Reader Question: ...(read more)

How Can I Juggle More Than One Date at a Time?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

Ladies, juggling more than one date at a time is not a good idea. You’ve heard the saying, “One day at a time.” How...(read more)

Kissing on the First Date: Know the Rules and the Limits

Kissing on the First Date: Know the Rules and the Limits

By: Nick Slade • 6/15/15

Nothing puts a spark into a relationship like that magical first kiss. Still, it’s hard for a woman to know if it’s too...(read more)

How Do I Say No to Future Dates?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

Ladies, when we meet a guy and we don’t click with him, we know early on there won’t be any future dates, let alone a...(read more)

Is it OK to Date an Older Man?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

As far as I am concerned, true love is blind. It knows no color, age or affliction. There is nothing taboo about falling in...(read more)

Facebook Dating Etiquette

Facebook Dating Etiquette

By: Kara Pound • 12/4/17

Do you think that Facebook should start following the same rules you put into place in the real world? Or is your FB profile...(read more)

How Should You End Things with a Date if There is No Attraction?

By: Sam Stieler • 9/25/14

Men and women should always structure their first dates with this worst-case scenario in mind. Instead of committing to a...(read more)

Is it OK to Kiss a Girl on the First Date?

By: Nick Slade • 9/25/14

The answer depends on the girl’s age and experience and also on the level of romance and chemistry you developed during the...(read more)