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Senior Singles, Stop Making These Profile Mistakes

By: April Braswell • 9/25/14

If you’re a midlife single looking for a modern relationship, do you have a profile up on one of the hip senior dating...(read more)

How to Get the Summer Fling You’ve Always Wanted

By: Jonathan Welford • 9/25/14

We are getting closer to the summer holidays. The sandy beaches of faraway places look so appealing and full of opportunity...(read more)

Expert Advice: How to Date Bisexual Women?

Expert Advice: How to Date Bisexual Women?

By: Mary Gorham Malia • 11/20/22

So you've met a woman who vibes with you the right way. She’s not only attractive, but she’s thoughtful, engaging, smart....(read more)

Grab Dating by the Balls

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 9/25/14

Anxiety can be crippling when it comes to dating, whether it be feeling intimidated about approaching a guy you’d like to...(read more)

3 Things That Win a Woman Over Every Time

By: Suzanne Oshima • 9/25/14

You’ve seen the average guy with the hot woman and wondered, "Why is she with him?" And you probably envied him and...(read more)

Should You Stay Friends with an Ex-Girlfriend?

By: Mary Gorham Malia • 9/25/14

If you’re over fourteen, you’ve probably got an ex-girlfriend. Any lesbian worth her salt has a few exes lying around. ...(read more)

3 Signs It’s Safe to Trust Again After Your Partner Cheated

By: Susie & Otto Collins • 9/25/14

Jennifer is unsure. She doesn't know if giving her boyfriend a second chance after he cheated was a good idea. ...(read more)

Do Your Sexual Strategies Match Your Relationship Goals?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

When you’re putting yourself out there on the dating market, it’s important to know your relationship goals. ...(read more)

How Nice Are the “Nice Guys” of OkCupid?

By: Jordan Harbinger • 9/25/14

By now, everyone has probably seen the Nice Guys of OkCupid. If you haven’t, here’s the premise: ...(read more)

Where to Go to Meet Quality Gay Men

Where to Go to Meet Quality Gay Men

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 11/10/22

“Where do I go to meet quality gay men?” is a question I hear a lot from single guys aspiring to meet their Mr. Right....(read more)