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Want a Good Dating Profile? Get Offline!

By: Gina Stewart • 9/25/14

For the past several weeks, I've been writing to the theme of your online dating profile. It's a big deal, and for many of...(read more)

Your Lesbian Dating Past

By: Mary Gorham Malia • 9/25/14

Guess what, if we just started dating, I probably don’t want to hear about your lesbian dating past on our first date. ...(read more)

How to Know Your First Date Went Well

By: Jordan Harbinger • 9/25/14

“Did my first date go well?” It’s one of the most common questions I get while working with The Art of Charm. It’s an...(read more)

How to Write an Online Dating Profile for Seniors

By: Gina Kerrigan • 9/25/14

The conventional rules of writing a good dating profile go something like this (loosely paraphrased): ...(read more)

My Perfect Gay Boyfriend

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 9/25/14

Without a strategic plan in place, dating can be an overwhelming experience. ...(read more)

Creating Your Brand in Online Dating

By: Gina Stewart • 9/25/14

My philosophy that online dating is just personal marketing is not without cause. I consistently use a ton of marketing...(read more)

Are You a Good Judge of Your Dating Skills?

By: Kara Pound • 9/25/14

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. - Can we really tell if our date is having a good time? Stephany Sanderson, 33, remembers when one first...(read more)

Dating on the Right Side of the Closet Door

By: Nicolas DiDomizio • 9/25/14

I think most gay men would agree with me one of the biggest dating challenges unique to our people is the whole riddle of the...(read more)

Matchmaking Versus Online Dating

Matchmaking Versus Online Dating

By: Maria Avgitidis • 7/28/22

As a matchmaker who's also co-founded an online dating site, I admit it is quite fun having toes in both ponds....(read more)

What to Do After the First Date [Video]

By: Adam Lyons • 9/25/14

Do you know how to keep your relationship alive after the first date? Adam Lyons shares 3 factors that are important if you...(read more)