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What Topics are Appropriate to Talk About on the First Date?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

First dates are like first impressions – you only get one time to do it right. When most of us think of the first date, we...(read more)

Who Should Pay on the First Date? Men or Women?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

Sorry, guys, I’m old-fashioned and I still say the guy should pay on the first date. Even if she asks you out and promises...(read more)

How Should You End Things with a Date if There is No Attraction?

By: Sam Stieler • 9/25/14

Men and women should always structure their first dates with this worst-case scenario in mind. Instead of committing to a...(read more)

What Are Some Unique First Date Ideas?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 9/25/14

Women love a man who goes above and beyond to create a memorable experience. While dinner and a movie still reign supreme as...(read more)

Is it OK to Kiss a Girl on the First Date?

By: Nick Slade • 9/25/14

The answer depends on the girl’s age and experience and also on the level of romance and chemistry you developed during the...(read more)

First Date Doldrums: How to Liven Up the Conversation

First Date Doldrums: How to Liven Up the Conversation

By: C. Price • 6/4/15

So you’re on your umpteenth first date in the last month and instead of responding to your date’s questions in an...(read more)

Should a Girl Call a Guy After a First Date?

By: C. Price • 9/25/14

In today's dating scene, it's not uncommon that more girls are wanting to take control and call the guys after a date. ...(read more)

How to Repair a First Date Screw-Up

How to Repair a First Date Screw-Up

By: Kara Pound • 6/12/15

Ways to fix things: duct tape, Gorilla glue, staples, twine, nails, screws, rope, paper clips and “I’m sorry.” For a...(read more)