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Traveling and Leaving Your Lover Behind

Traveling and Leaving Your Lover Behind

By: Jonathan Welford • 11/29/22

In my role as a relationship coach, dovetailing goals and plans of two individuals sometimes has its challenges....(read more)

Grab Dating by the Balls

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 9/25/14

Anxiety can be crippling when it comes to dating, whether it be feeling intimidated about approaching a guy you’d like to...(read more)

The Dating Rules

By: Jonathan Welford • 9/25/14

What are the dating rules? What is the order of things that should happen while dating? ...(read more)

Study Shows People Can Accurately Identify Sexual Roles in Gay Relationships

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

How easy is it to identify the sexual roles of a gay couple? According to a new study, all you need is a picture. ...(read more)

Survival of the Fittest Gay Man

By: Jonathan Welford • 9/25/14

The wonderful world of dating is full of joyous experiences and is soaked in potential for a dream-like future. ...(read more)

How to Know the Man You’re Interested in is Gay

By: Henry Perkins • 9/25/14

Five years ago, I fell in love with a Starbucks barista. My weekly caffeine budget exponentially skyrocketed, but that was...(read more)

Should I Get Back with My Ex?

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 9/25/14

The decision to reconcile with an ex-boyfriend is one that requires much forethought. ...(read more)

Sexual Agreements Among Gay Couples May Help Prevent HIV

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

According to a University of Michigan study, when gay couples make, and stand by, sexual agreements, they are helping prevent...(read more)

Are You Addicted to Dating?

By: Jonathan Welford • 9/25/14

Are you addicted to dating? In today's disposable society, do we give up on a relationship too soon? ...(read more)

Rewriting the Rules of “He’s Just Not That Into You”

By: Nicolas DiDomizio • 9/25/14

When it comes to starting things off with a new guy, I have one piece of advice for gay men: Don’t do what I used to do. ...(read more)