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Where to Go to Meet Quality Gay Men

Where to Go to Meet Quality Gay Men

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 11/10/22

“Where do I go to meet quality gay men?” is a question I hear a lot from single guys aspiring to meet their Mr. Right....(read more)

Gay Men and Commitment: Being Monogamous Isn’t Monotonous

By: The Gayly Dose • 9/25/14

You know that feeling of love at first sight? You see him. He sees you. And, in that moment, your whole world slows down. ...(read more)

10 Best Gay Dating Magazines (2022)

10 Best Gay Dating Magazines (2022)

By: C. Price • 12/18/18

A good magazine doesn't just entertain its readers. A good magazine also informs, raises questions and gives a voice to those...(read more)

Dating and Social Media

By: Jonathan Welford • 9/25/14

In this digital age, we are all connected. ...(read more)

Study Finds Men in Same-Sex Marriages Are Living Longer

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

Marriage has been shown to lower mortality rates among heterosexuals, and it looks like men in same-sex marriages may share...(read more)

Should You Have Sex on the First Date?

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 9/25/14

Another common gay dating dilemma revolves around whether to have sex on the first date or not. ...(read more)

What to Do When You’re Feeling Pressured to Have Sex

By: Charlie Ballard • 9/25/14

So you're feeling pressured to have sex in the gay world? Here are some things to consider: ...(read more)

Second Date Dilemma

By: Scott De Buitleir • 9/25/14

When a first date goes well, you couldn't feel better. ...(read more)

Dating a Millionaire

By: Jonathan Welford • 9/25/14

Wow, dating a millionaire! What would you do with all that money? ...(read more)

First Date Dilemmas: When He’s Not Your Type

First Date Dilemmas: When He’s Not Your Type

By: Brian Rzepczynski • 11/2/22

You’re brimming with excitement as you prepare to go out on your first date with that interesting guy....(read more)