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Hugh Hefner Syndrome. Men Look for Sex. Women Look for Success.

By: Leon Scott Baxter • 9/25/14

What in God’s name did 26-year-old Guess model Anna Nicole Smith see in 89-year-old businessman J. Howard Marshall? ...(read more)

Study Shows People Can Accurately Identify Sexual Roles in Gay Relationships

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

How easy is it to identify the sexual roles of a gay couple? According to a new study, all you need is a picture. ...(read more)

5 Ways Women Know You’re Bad in Bed Before They Sleep With You

By: Jordan Harbinger • 5/14/18

As a talk show host and one of the faces of The Art of Charm, I speak to thousands of guys every year, many of whom entrust...(read more)

Men’s Testosterone Levels Drop When Interacting with Their Friends’ Wives

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

Drops in testosterone indicate men are naturally wired to avoid pursuing their friends' romantic partners, according to a new...(read more)

The More Attractive a Man Thinks He is, The More Desirable He Thinks He is

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

How does confidence affect a man's dating life compared to appearance? ...(read more)

Sexual Agreements Among Gay Couples May Help Prevent HIV

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

According to a University of Michigan study, when gay couples make, and stand by, sexual agreements, they are helping prevent...(read more)

10 Best Sex and Dating Experts (2023)

10 Best Sex and Dating Experts (2023)

By: C. Price • 12/18/18

Let's talk about sex! Want all your sex questions answered? Our 10 Best Sex and Dating Experts can help you out. ...(read more)

Do Your Sexual Strategies Match Your Relationship Goals?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

When you’re putting yourself out there on the dating market, it’s important to know your relationship goals. ...(read more)

67% of Women, 28% of Men Fake Orgasms, But for Different Reasons

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

According to a new study coming out of the University of Kansas, 28 percent of men and 67 percent of women fake orgasms, but...(read more)

We Hang Out a Lot But Haven’t Had Sex. How Do I Ask Him What He Wants?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

Reader Question: ...(read more)