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Why the Word “No” is So Sexy

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

Since the beginning of time, people have searched for the most perfect aphrodisiac, some magical substance that will enhance...(read more)

Pill Users Less Sexually Satisfied but Happier Overall with Relationships

By: C. Price • 7/28/22

Taking the pill may affect a woman's relationship in unexpected ways, according to new research....(read more)

Is Mobile Dating Just for Hookups?

By: Julie Spira • 5/14/18

Since our mobile phones have become the accessory du jour, it’s no surprise online daters are spending more time connecting...(read more)

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep with Him on the First Date

By: Marni Battista • 5/14/18

Even if the chemistry you are feeling on a first date is out of this world, it’s probably best to hold off on sleeping with...(read more)

When to Say “Yes” to Sex

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

There’s a time and a place for sex, especially if you want to keep a relationship for longer than a couple weeks. ...(read more)

How to Guarantee Sex

How to Guarantee Sex

By: David Wygant • 12/5/22

So you're dating this woman. She's hot. You haven't screwed up yet. You're actually on date number three....(read more)

When to Say “No” to Sex

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

The high-supply sexual economy has many women confused about when saying “no” to sex is appropriate. It seems feminism...(read more)

People More Likely to Seek Intimacy in Early Winter and Summer

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

When do you crave love and sex the most? ...(read more)

Study Shows Sex Still Pleasurable Regardless of Condom or Lubricant Use

By: C. Price • 5/14/18

How does condom and lubricant use impact sexual satisfaction? A new study set out to answer just that question. ...(read more)

What Do I Say to a Guy Who Wants to Have Sex on the First Date?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/14

Reader Question: ...(read more)