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What Does Planning a Cheap Date Say About Me?

By: Bethany Heinesh • 10/19/12

When it comes to cheap dates, well, there’s no such thing as a cheap date. If you’re not Mr. Moneybags, but you still...(read more)

What Does “You’re Not My Type” Mean?

By: Nick Slade • 10/5/12

Guys are usually straightforward when they speak. They don’t generally try to be cryptic or talk “around” a topic....(read more)

Are There More Homosexuals Now That The Door is Open?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 10/5/12

Reader Question: ...(read more)

3 Daters Men Should Avoid

3 Daters Men Should Avoid

By: Sam Stieler • 10/1/12

What a wonderful world we would live in if every woman we met was a totally eligible bachelorette, willing and able to...(read more)

How Can I Become a Better Listener?

By: Nick Slade • 9/28/12

Listening is the key to communication. Talking is only useful if you know what you’re responding to and use words as a...(read more)

What a Man’s Scent Says About His Mate Potential

What a Man’s Scent Says About His Mate Potential

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/25/12

This news might seem a bit surprising — Your nose may be a better boyfriend detector than your eyes and ears combined....(read more)

Why Do People Not Accept Responsibility in Relationships?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/21/12

Reader Question: ...(read more)

Do Men Like Aggressive Women?

By: Nick Slade • 9/14/12

"Aggressive" often carries the connotation of hostility and belligerence, which men don’t like in women and women don’t...(read more)

I Feel Canadians Are Open to Interracial Dating. Why is This?

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/14/12

Reader Question: ...(read more)

Why People Date Outside Their League

Why People Date Outside Their League

By: Dr. Wendy Walsh • 9/12/12

As humans, we have evolved to compete. Indeed, we compete for everything from jobs to parking spots. But perhaps the biggest...(read more)