Grimm Ales Brings A Twist To Date Night

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Grimm Artisanal Ales Brings a Twist to the Classic Brewery Date Night

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: Grimm Artisanal Ales is a fantastic spot for a date night. If you’re a craft beer aficionado, it might be the spot for the best date night ever. Brewers, artists, and founders Joe and Lauren Grimm established a brick-and-mortar location for their nomadic brewery in 2018. Since then, Grimm has evolved into an artistic and beautiful space that’s innovating some of the most exciting additions to brewing. Mel Galindo is the brewery’s Events Coordinator, and she talked to us about what couples can expect from a date night at the sleek and popular Brooklyn brewery.

When I was waiting tables, there was one question I dreaded more than any other: “What do you think of this beer?” I could spout off facts about hops or percentages, maybe give a few buzzwords  the general taste of a beer that my manager had told me about, but I tended to stop there. Most of the time, an honest answer to that question would be, “I’ve never had that beer in my life.” 

If I was having a rough day, in the weeds, or too busy for that kind of question, that flustered little voice in my head would silently quip, “Do I look like I think anything at all about this beer?”

The truth is, as controversial as it may be, I’m just not a beer enjoyer. I’ve tried, many times and at the behest of many people, to try to like beer. It’s just not in the cards for me (yet).

This couldn’t be further from the case for the team at Grimm Artisanal Ales. Grimm Ales is a brewery founded and operated by beer lovers, drinkers, and innovators. It serves delicious craft beer, wine, and pizza that’s all made in-house at its Brooklyn location. The brewery was founded by artists, brewers, and husband-and-wife team Joe and Lauren Carter Grimm and offers everything a couple could ask for from date night.

Mel Galindo is the General & Private Events Manager at Grimm, and she talked to us about everything couples can expect from a date night at the brewery. Mel said that, aside from delicious artisan pizza and award-winning collections of craft beers and wines, Grimm offers date nighters live entertainment, a new take on the classic industrial architecture breweries are known for, and the opportunity to take a sip of the frontlines of brewing innovations.

Grimm Ales is at the Forefront of Beer Innovations

Grimm has a distinctly artistic feel, and Mel told us that the space’s innovative and stylistic feel is an extension of the founders’ backgrounds. “Joe and Lauren are both artists in their own rights,” Mel said. “Joe has always been interested in experimental music, and Lauren was a sculptor and conceptual artist.”

When Joe and Lauren first started exploring the possibilities of beer brewing, they approached it as an extension of their artistic endeavors. Mel said they brought this approach to every element of Grimm, from the decor and design elements to the physical properties of the brews.

“Lauren and Joe always wanted to create something new when it comes to brewing techniques and fermentation practices,” Mel said. And the two certainly have. Grimm was operating as a nomadic brewery before opening its Brooklyn location in 2018.

“After years of the nomad life, they opened this location and just poured artistic energy into it,” Mel said. “It’s just so cozy and welcoming, and naturally celebrative. Whether you’re by yourself or with friends or on a date, it’s a great spot.”

grimm brewery beers
Grimm’s inventive collection of beers has something for everyone.

Grimm has received viral acclaim for its contributions to brewing innovation. Joe and Lauren were the first to introduce dry-hopped sour ales, which are the precursors to the wildly popular sour IPA styles of beer. The later Pop! Series added milk and sugar to these dry-hopped sours to create a one-of-a-kind dessert beer.

The innovative fun doesn’t stop at beer. “A lot of people don’t know that we’re actually also a winery,” Mel told us. “We make our own wine in-house, and we use a traditional, old-school method of production, which creates a really unique product.”

A date night on Grimm provides all the best of the brewery, plus an opportunity for casual beer enjoyers and Craft Beer Guys alike to see what transformations in the craft brewing industry look like – as they’re happening. If that’s not necessarily your thing, Grimm’s wide beverage and food selection is enough to keep you coming back.

Pizza + Wine + Beer = Perfect Date Night

Lala’s Brooklyn Apizza is on the upper level of Grimm Ales, and you can find a collection of pizzas, house wines, and craft cocktails at the artisanal restaurant. The kitchen is next to the rooftop terrace and bar, and the surrounding seating offers both indoor and outdoor alternatives. Mel said couples can find a space and dining option that fits any kind of date.

The downstairs taproom is great for exploring wine and beer production. The space boasts exposed industrial ceilings adorned with greenery blooming from nearly all directions. Mel said,  “Like many breweries, it’s a transformed warehouse. It’s really beautiful. There’s a lot of greenery, a lot of colors, and a lot of different textures.”

Grimm Ales has a seasonal menu, so couples can enjoy brews and fare based on what’s freshest. “The menu does change, but we do have a few menu items that customers should always be able to find, like pepperoni pie,” Mel explained. “When it comes to beer, we’ll have our flagship IPA and a few wines.”

grimm menus
Beer isn’t all Grimm has to offer– couples can enjoy pizza and wine too!

She continued, “I’m not a brewer, but our beers and wines and foods are special because of the ingredients that are used and the techniques we use with them, such as double decoction for our lagers and our in-house yeast for our IPAs.”

Mel said that Grimm’s wines, called Physica Wines, are made from organic grapes grown in Long Island. Once the grapes are at Grimm, they’re taken through a low-tech process that employs whole cluster carbonic maceration. Physica Wines doesn’t use any added yeasts or sulfites, which is a sigh of relief for people like me — wine drinkers in a brewery.

“We also incorporate some of our brewery/winery practices and ingredients into our Lala’s kitchen,” Mel said. “We will use brewery malt milled in-house in our desserts; we ferment our own hot sauce and will often make sauces, caramels, and more with our wine and beer.”

Taproom Events for Every Day of the Week

Mel told us one of her favorite things about Grimm is the brewery’s free and ticketed events. “We have a lot of cultural and community events where we collaborate with artists to do workshops, classes, or some other event,” she said.

For date night, Mel recommended Bring Your Own Vinyl night, which takes place every Wednesday. “On Wednesdays, we set up our record player, and people can come in and bring their own record and listen to their own music. What ends up happening is the playlist just goes all over the place, and people bring in all sorts of thrifted records. We also have our in-house library.”

grimm brewery
Grimm hosts weekly events that are perfect for date night.

On the first Thursday of every month, Grimm hosts live music. Mel said the brewery hosts a variety of artists who perform different music genres, so there will always be a little bit of something for everyone. The brewery is always introducing new and inventive programming, so Brooklyn-area couples should be sure to keep an eye on the spot’s calendar.

Couples have plenty of breweries to choose from, but it’s not just the menu that makes Grimm stand out from the rest. The brewery’s founding vision of a distinctly artistic approach to food and beverage shines through with each detail, whether it’s found in beer, wine, or food.

“I get so many stories about people who had their first date here or always came to Grimm with their husband or wife when they were dating,” Mel said. “They really liked the vibe, the music, the food, the drinks. It strikes right between intimate but not overly done. It’s elevated but not unapproachable.”

And, not to get too ahead of ourselves, Grimm also hosts private events, including weddings. Whether you’re planning first dates or upcoming nuptials with your beloved, see if you can squeeze in a trip to Grimm — it’s worth it.