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Wedding Photographer Shelly Anderson Snaps the Perfect Picture for Couples

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The Short Version: Wedding photographers play an important role in weddings. They are responsible for capturing the beautiful moments of the event from the moment the couple say their vows to the reception, and everything in between. As someone who is a true advocate for love in all of its forms, Shelly Anderson created her photography company, Shelly Anderson Photography, to help couples on their big day. Shelly Anderson Photography continues to be a prime Colorado resource for couples to complete their wedding. For years, Shelly has dedicated her company to supporting couples with intentional and raw photography. 

For couples to complete a successful plan for their wedding, they must find a photographer who has the skill set to get the job done right. Wedding pictures allow people to reminisce and reflect on what some would consider the best day of their lives. That’s why it’s important to choose a photographer who will go above and beyond for your big day. The best wedding photographers are those who know how to work a camera and have a good time doing it. 

Shelly Anderson, founder of Shelly Anderson Photography, is a social butterfly who knows a thing or two about mixing photography with fun. Shelly realized she wanted to get into the wedding photography business when she did an internship in college with a local wedding photographer. 

Screenshot of website.
Shelly Anderson, founder of Shelly Anderson Photography.

After spending two years working for different companies, Shelly decided she had all the skills and knowledge needed to start her own business. Good thing she did because, only after one year, Shelly Anderson Photography was thriving. 

Shelly told us that her must-have photos are centered around the event and the guests interacting with the couple. 

“I LOVE when the bridal party gets to hug the wedding couple immediately after the wedding recessional post-ceremony,” said Shelly. “I also love when guests clink their glasses and cheer after a great toast. These are the moments that capture the emotions of the day!”

10+ Years of Award-Winning Service 

Shelly will proudly tell you that she has the best job in the world. Outside of working toward capturing the best pictures for her clients, Shelly tries to build real connections with them along the way. She said that the two best parts of her job are witnessing true love and ending up as lifelong friends with her clients. 

“I love meeting and bonding with my couples before the big day. (Another reason why I love engagement sessions too!). Let’s grab a drink or a cup of coffee!” said Shelly.

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Clients enjoy Shelly’s well-rounded personality and love for her job.

Due to Shelly’s drive and love for her job, Shelly Anderson Photography has successfully grown into an award-winning service. Shelly Anderson Photography has won many awards, including The Knot Best of Weddings award every year since 2016, and the company has only received five-star reviews on Yelp

Shelly told us that her approach to photo shoots involves reminding couples that their time together is meant to be fun. Sometimes people can get intimidated when being in front of a camera. People often can get caught up in their minds trying to figure out how to pose or if they look good. That’s where photographers can take initiative and encourage their clients along the way — and Shelly has no problem doing that.

“I’m constantly talking to my clients from behind the camera, letting my guard down and being silly so that the couple can also allow themselves to be a bit more vulnerable. I have a few secret “prompts” I use to guarantee a genuine laugh here and there,” said Shelly. 

Colorado Wedding Photographer & World Traveler

While Shelly Anderson is based in Colorado, she has photographed couples all over the world. Shelly started doing photography in upstate New York and moved to Colorado with her husband, Ryan. Since moving to Colorado, Shelly has immersed herself in the wedding community. 

In doing so, Shelly can help her clients in more ways than one. Shelly has compiled an array of Colorado wedding resources to share. From sharing the top Colorado wedding venues to engagement photo outfit inspos, Shelly’s clients get more than just an eye-catching photo. 

“I understand that the wedding planning process can be daunting, and I AM HERE TO HELP YOU! I’ve seen it all, and love giving advice on wedding day timelines, photo ops, and the general flow of the months leading up to your wedding,” said Shelly.

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Couples have an array of wonderful photos to reflect on with booking Shelly.

Shelly said she feels lucky that her job combines her love for photography and traveling. For every shoot, Shelly lives by the quote from Ansel Adams: “You do not make a photograph with just a camera. You bring to the act of photography all of the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” 

By internalizing this quote, she said she now aims to give clients the best photography experience. Instead of settling for the bare minimum by providing a few great images, Shelly’s goal is to make one cohesive shoot — giving clients multiple pictures to choose from and that they will love. 

“The pictures perfectly reflected our love story, thanks to Shelly scouting epic locations and encouraging us to feel free and at ease,” said couple Dana and Shawnee in a testimonial. “She gave clear, detailed direction to help create the perfect images, yet made us feel natural and comfortable all the while. We cannot recommend Shelly enough!”

Shelly Anderson Photography Steals the Hearts of Many

Since it launched, Shelly Anderson Photography has developed into a fan favorite. The company has blossomed over the years and continues to help capture the perfect moments for couples across the country. 

As an advocate for love, Shelly has dedicated her company to representing all people. Shelly said that love comes in all shapes and sizes, and her camera considers it equally precious and beautiful. She said she aims to make her clients feel comfortable during the photo shoot, so they know that she is supporting them and their love. 

Screenshot from website.
Shelly Anderson Photography supports and service all love.

It’s safe to say that Shelly’s photography style is unique, and many people are drawn to her beautiful spirit. When asked what makes a good wedding photographer, Shelly said couples should pay attention to the photographer’s style for the entire wedding day by asking for the full gallery of recent weddings they’ve done. 

Paying attention to past photos, such as those shot during the cocktail hour, family formals, and when the bride and groom are getting ready, can help prospective couples decide if they want to use their services. 

Shelly told us that her biggest honor yet is when a family member or friend of a couple who she’s photographed recognizes her hard work and wishes to also work with her. Shelly continues to impress couples with her encouraging words and genuine support to make every one of her clients’ photo sessions special. 

“Every event is different. I’ve been loving how creative couples are on their big day! I don’t care what your flavor is, I want to get to know you as a couple. Your wedding is uniquely you!” exclaimed Shelly.