10 Best Dating Podcasts

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10 Best Dating Podcasts

C. Price C. Price • 11/04/15

Besides blog posts, videos, apps, and social media, podcasts are quickly becoming a necessary component for dating coaches and matchmakers to reach their target audience: singles looking for a date!

And our 10 Best Dating Podcasts get the job done – just give them a listen!

Savage Lovecast




Bragging Rights: love and sex advice from America’s sweetheart

Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast, was created by Dan Savage in 1996. As an author, sex advice columnist and public speaker, Savage covers every angle when it comes to dating, sex and love. Savage, who is probably best known for founding the It Gets Better Project, brings his well-known humor to topics like “We KNOW What Women Really Want.”

Social Clout: 164,902+ followers, 21,286+ likes

URL: http://www.savagelovecast.com/

The Dating Advice Girl




Bragging Rights: helping singles get the most out of life

The Dating Advice Girl podcast comes from Erin Tillman, an author and single life consultant who co-hosts the weekly dating advice show out of Los Angeles, Calif. From cougars to coed living, listeners can stream the show live and interact by phone, email or Twitter. Topics are always modern, including “Not Letting Your Smartphone Sabotage Your Dating Life.”

Social Clout: 2,630+ followers, 1,289+ likes

URL: http://thedatingadvicegirl.com/

Pickup Podcast




Bragging Rights: learn from a diverse mix of experienced mentors

“Presented by The Art of Charm,” Pickup Podcast is an ensemble show featuring dating coaches, relationship experts, best-selling authors and “other professional badasses.” This is where self-motivated guys truly learn from the best. AJ and Jordan Harbinger lead the weekly discussions, which often feature the latest tips from attraction experts or fashion and image consultants.

Social Clout: 27,614+ likes, 13,030+ followers

URL: http://pickuppodcast.com/

Dating Skills Review




Bragging Rights: the #1 men’s source for dating and more

Launched in 2009, Dating Skills Review is a lively podcast that offers men practical tips for a better love life. Topics like “How Internet Porn Can Damage Your Inner Game and Sexuality” find the edgy truth in a world complicated by social media. And they stand by their creed, “Everything we do here is about helping men to get better with women faster.”

Social Clout: 2,110+ followers, 1,200+ likes

URL: http://www.datingskillsreview.com/

Carlos Xuma




Bragging Rights: get the woman you desire with the real you

Carlos Xuma’s weekly advice podcast brings his extensive know-how on wooing women to a sizable online audience. Speaking the international language of love quite fluently, Xuma likes to focus on the nuts and bolts of dating, such as improving basic seduction techniques and finding creative hotspots for first dates. He’s also developed a specific strategy for utilizing social media.

Social Clout: 6,083+ followers, 2,480+ likes

URL: http://www.carlosxuma.com/

The New Man Podcast




Bragging Rights: beyond the macho jerk and new age wimp

Tripp Lanier hosts The New Man Podcast, a funny and fearless look into what works for guys and what absolutely doesn’t. Lanier is a life coach who brings a unique blend of expert guests for topics like “How to Admire Women Without Being Creepy.” He embraces a principle of learning to approach women with no head games at play. Sounds like a great guy to us!

Social Clout: 2,188+ followers, 1,035+ likes

URL: http://www.thenewmanpodcast.com/

The Chick Whisperer




Bragging Rights: an easy-to-understand podcast

Having worked with MTV and CBS News, this podcast comes from host Scot McKay, who provides an irreverent and clever series. McKay is also the author of “Flirting Like Wildfire.” Don’t forget to check out content like “Women Made Easy.” It’s all there waiting for you!

Social Clout: 110,418+ followers, 18,711+ likes

URL: http://www.deservewhatyouwant.com/

Dates with Kate




Bragging Rights: bringing listeners along for the ride

Dates with Kate follows Kate as she ventures back out into the dating world.  She started the show after suspecting her friends were living vicariously through her dating stories. Guests frequently include the dates themselves, the occasional ex and some of Kate’s friends. From first dates to Craigslist, no topics are off the table.

Social Clout: 206+ followers, 167+ likes

URL: http://dateswithkate.com/

Dr. Robert Glover




Bragging Rights: where intention becomes action

This podcast comes from Dr. Robert Glover, who has helped thousands of nice guys “transform from being passive, resentful victims to empowered, integrated males.” His advice is specifically drawn around making improvements to men’s professional careers and intimate relationships. Dr. Glover is the creator of “Dating Essentials for Men” and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Social Clout: 727+ followers, 381+ likes

URL: http://www.drglover.com/

I Like You




Bragging Rights: two people looking for like

Elah and JP are two Toronto-based friends who always managed to do quite well with the ladies. Now they bring their prowess online for dating advice and conversation about “love, like, dating and the opposites of those things.” The I Like You podcast is about two people just looking for like, at least for now. Content like “Dating by Design” and “Return of a Childhood Crush” are refreshing.

Social Clout: 834+ likes, 440+ followers

URL: http://ilikeyoupodcast.com/

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