7 Ways To Play Hard To Get With A Lesbian

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The 7 Right Ways to Play Hard to Get with a Lesbian

Mary Gorham Malia
Mary Gorham Malia Updated:
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One of the questions I get asked most often from lesbians is how to go slow. Going slow means waiting to jump into bed, holding off on sleepovers, not moving your toothbrush in too soon and things like that.

Some women might interpret this as playing hard to get, but it’s not at all the same as going slow to make sure you’re a good match for each other.

Now the real trick to playing hard to get is to always be really sweet.

Here’s how to play hard to get in seven easy steps:

1. When she calls, only answer once in a great while.

Let it go to voice mail most of the time and wait a day or two to return the call.

2. Use the same tactic with email and text.

Make her wait, but sometimes respond to her right away. It keeps her guessing and off guard.

3. Never initiate contact or hardly ever initiate contact.

Let her be the one that always has to make the first move.

 “Play this game carefully because

it is a game with people’s hearts.”

4. Come on really strong.

And then be out of touch for days except for a quick text.

5. Be really vague about your plans.

And never make a firm commitment to anything right away. Leave her hanging when she asks to make plans and tell her you’ll get back to her. Then wait a day or two.

6. When asked about what you’re doing, be really vague.

Never give details. Say, “Oh I just hung out with friends. Nothing much.”

7. Tell her you have other women you are dating.

This one can really blow up in your face, but it’s classic hard-to-get material. Some women get more determined, but many women walk away at this point.

All of these tactics require careful distancing, being unavailable periodically and not being very openly communicative. Acting really interested but always being too busy to take every call, for example.

If you’re playing hard to get as a way to make a woman more interested, you’ll have to show up and be really sweet, loving and interested one day and then the next day be unavailable. You’ll have to mix up the tactic of being available with not being available.

The lesbian you’re sort of dating won’t know what to expect and she may find this really attractive. Other women will soon lose interest, so play this game carefully because it is a game with people’s hearts attached.

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