Getting A Boyfriend For Christmas

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Getting a Boyfriend for Christmas

Jonathan Welford
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You’ve been single for a most of the year and you’d really like to have a boyfriend to unwrap on Christmas day. Be very wary of getting involved with someone just because it is the holiday season, as it can be like shopping on Christmas Eve: You’re roaming around the department store aisles looking for an amazing present, and if the shops are about to close, you end up settling on something that’s OK but doesn’t really hit the mark.

Getting into an “all right” relationship can be compared to buying a scented candle or a box set of toiletries as a yawn-inspiring gift for someone. It does the job, but no matter how nicely you wrap it up, you know you’re going to get a polite “Thank you,” not the gleeful joy of a kid discovering a shiny new bike under the tree.

Being single at Christmas can feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders, especially when you see coupled friends excitedly making plans and confiding in you about what secret fun presents they’re buying each other.

Sometimes this can make you feel left out and isolated.

Sure, don’t stop looking for a boyfriend, and if you connect with someone, great stuff. However, don’t force a situation just because the thought of being single over the holiday season feels too much.

Think of the stress you’ll experience when you realize the person you’re with really isn’t Mr. Right when the decorations are packed away.


“Christmas is the most stressful time for relationships.”

Don’t forget the January sales are just around the corner.

Christmas is the most stressful time for relationships, and in January (sadly), many couples decide to part.

January brings the highest number of new subscribers to dating sites, which is great for you, as you will be there waiting to see the fresh talent arriving on your computer screen.

Get yourself prepared, as finding a relationship-orientated guy is like getting a well-trained dog from the pound. Rover is less likely to disgrace himself than a standard street mutt.

Relationship-orientated guys are normally snapped up quickly, so perhaps treat yourself to a gift of a subscription to a new dating site prior to the holidays, and stand by for all those talented single guys commencing their New Year’s resolutions of wooing you to be their new partner.

Stretch those conversation muscles, invest in yourself, and prepare for all those dates you will be lining up in the very near future.