How To Make The Most Of A Senior Singles Event

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How to Make the Most of a Senior Singles Event

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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So you’re getting out and socializing at a variety of groups, associations and activities. Good for you!

And you’re attending a senior singles event. Good job!

Well, just because you are going to this networking event does not mean you will attract and meet the next great love of your life that day.

Even so, that needn’t mean this evening and your time was wasted.

Whenever you attend a social event, I recommend you aim to meet at least five people and really create a personal connection with them.

Afterward, aim to follow up to weave them into your ongoing life.

What can you do with them all?

Just because you met another amazing mature single like yourself, it doesn’t mean every connection will be a courting love connection, right?

But all is not lost!

Just because the sun, the moon and the stars did not collide to give you a toe-curling, attraction-creating connection doesn’t mean your whole time and effort were lost.

What can you do with these new people who did not win your heart to them?


“You have the numbers after a singles

event, so weave these people into your social circle.”

Weave this new person into your social circle.

People like myself are the socializers of this world and you want to be in our address book because we throw the best parties.

How many parties, dinners or potlucks did you host last year? By being our friends, there will be social options for you.

Men and women like me will host the activities event, the potluck singles dinner and the rotational evening where we all visit each other’s homes.

Then again, all you have to do is host a social potluck at your home once a quarter and you’re one of the mavens now, too.

Could you do that?

You have all the cards and phone numbers after a singles event, so weave these people into your life and expand your social circle.

Senior singles, how are you going to make the most of your singles events? How are you going to expand your social circle?

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