How To Meet Active Senior Women

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How to Meet Active Senior Women

April Braswell
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If you’re a mature single man and interested in a long-term relationship with a boomer woman, then you might be having some difficulties in meeting quality women and getting to know them.

Most of the baby boomer men enjoy pursuing an active lifestyle more so than their fathers.

By their 50s and 60s, they have learned to eat better without following any fad diets.

They watch what they eat and are quite active. Whether it’s engaging in rounds of golf and tennis or mountaineering and scuba diving, today’s single mature man is no coach potato.

He wants his lady to be active, too.

However, today’s senior man is not necessarily expecting that the ladies are all mountaineering and roping. He’s just hoping you’ll be willing and able to join him in some cool weekend adventures.

Where is he to meet such a mature lady?

In dance classes!

Quite often an active senior lady is keeping fit by pursuing one of the many styles of modern dancing, whether it is square dancing, line dancing, two-stepping, East Coast or West Coast swing, tango or salsa.

Women love to dress up a bit and get moving to the music. Women love to dance!

All the American dance styles have communities, clubs and associations dedicated to their promotion.

You keep fit while socializing and getting comfortably and casually acquainted with others.

Bear in mind that short of going to a dance club with a bar scene, most of the clubs, associations and dances are not a pickup scene.

The dancers who engage in these pursuits may be looking for a romantic relationship secondarily. However, their primary purpose in being there is to dance!

The senior singles who are looking for an immediate result complain to me that there aren’t a lot of singles in their age group at the dance classes.

“If you have fun, your fun essence

will magnetize others to you.”

Do you need 35 dates?

Or is just one good date OK?

Don’t pursue getting good in a dance style that holds no interest for you. There are so many styles to choose from. You can easily find one that appeals to you.

The great thing about getting involved in the social dance culture is people are quite often very friendly, so you will build lasting friendships and expand your social circle.

You might not find that perfect love relationship from dancing right away. But if you keep at it and have fun, your fun essence will magnetize others to you.

It might take six to 18 months before you two saunter into the same dance hall together and into each other’s arms.

So many new dance classes start in September. Check out the activities websites and your local area’s park and recreation department.

Some community colleges also offer dance classes as part of their continuing education department.

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