6 Ways To Meet Single Seniors

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6 Ways to Meet Single Seniors

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Finding a compatible man or woman you want to spend time with isn’t like shooting fish in a barrel – especially if you’re in the later stages of life.

At DatingAdvice.com, we understand that meeting fellow seniors can seem like more of a pain than a pleasure.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the six ways to meet a senior man or woman – or at least someone for a good round of golf or friendly game of Bridge.

1. Online dating.

Online dating is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with within the peculiar and finicky world of dating.

  • For the over 50 crowd, websites like OurTime.com are great instruments for older singles looking to connect for love and companionship.
  •  Other sites we like to include are eHarmony.com and SilverSingles.
  • According to Burst! Media, two-thirds of adults between the ages of 50 and 64 use the Internet, and Lehman Brothers Equity Research found the over 50 segment is the fastest growing group of subscribers for online dating.
  • Just remember a few important tips: Safety first (as in meet in a lit, public place), be sure you’re ready to date, enlist a friend’s help to create the perfect profile, don’t limit your options and take your time.

If you’re ready to give love a chance, see our review of 2013’s best senior dating sites.

2. Community events.

Most folks in their “Golden Years” have more free time than say someone in their 20s or 30s. That’s why getting involved in your community is a fantastic way to meet a senior man or woman.

  • Check out Meetup.com to find groups of people with shared interests. Most likely each city has at least one geared specifically toward seniors. Some niche groups include knitting, kayaking and couponing.
  • Most communities have active senior centers that offer educational classes, day trips and other social activities. Look online for the closest one to where you live and get involved.
  • Volunteer. Look into your local music venues and offer to volunteer as an usher or donate your time to the area thrift store that donates money to hospice. There are thousands of opportunities a day to help others and you never know who you’ll meet while doing it.


“Getting yourself out there is

the best way to meet people.”

3. Get a job.

Surely the last thing you thought you would do in your retirement is get a part-time job, but this is another great way to meet fellow seniors.

  • If you love kids, then become a crossing guard.
  • Do you prefer animals? Then work at a veterinary office.
  • According to AARP, some of the best part-time jobs for retirees include tutor or teacher, librarian assistant, handyman, medical assistant, casino dealer, baker or front desk clerk – the sky’s the limit.
  • Check out Workforce50.com, a site that features jobs specifically for older workers as well as resources for a midlife career change.
  • There’s also Seniorjobbank.org, Retirementliving.com, Retirementjobs.com and AARP.org/work.
  • AARP conducted a survey of employed workers aged 45 to 74 and found the majority (69 percent) of those interviewed plan to continue working beyond traditional retirement age and 34 percent said they would work part-time for interest or enjoyment.

4. Be social.

Your friends and social circles are untapped resources when it comes to finding a special senior to spend your time with.

  • The first rule is if someone invites you to anything, automatically say yes. You never know when Tuesday trivia night at the clubhouse will turn into a doubles tennis match with Mr. Right or a woman at your new knitting group will turn out to be friends with your long lost love from high school.
  • Be social for your health. According to Seniorjournal.com, seniors reporting a high level of social activity are about twice as likely to remain free of a disability.
  • Yale Medical Group reports, “People who continue to maintain close friendships and find other ways to interact socially live longer than those who become isolated.”

5. Take up a hobby.

Finding a soul mate or your next soul mate can happen virtually anywhere, but the chances go up when you meet like-minded people.

  • AARP suggests some popular hobbies for “grown-ups,” including writing (join a seniors memoir writing group), knitting, riding horses at the local barn, becoming a part of a community garden or helping with a farmers market.
  • New Media Trend Watch USA reports, “As they age out of the work force, 67 percent of boomers plan to spend more time on their hobbies and interests, moving from a life dedicated to making money to one that is directed to spending money.”

6. Move to a retirement community.

If you only date fellow seniors, then why not increase your dating pool and move to a retirement community? It only seems logical to live and play where a lot of future potential mates reside.

  • According to AARP, 10 great cities in the U.S. for older singles include Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Boston, Baltimore, Minneapolis-St. Paul, St. Louis, New York, Cleveland and Philadelphia.
  • Wherever you happen to live, there are thousands of active retirement communities around the country – places where you can live a stress-free life, enjoy private tennis courts and swimming pools and look for Mr. or Miss Right sipping wine at the clubhouse. Check out Retirementliving.com to look for communities in your area.

Getting back into the dating saddle when you’re 50 and over can be intimidating and create anxiety.

That’s why DatingAdvice.com has compiled a list of the top six ways to meet seniors. To start off on the right foot, browse our reviews of the best senior dating sites.

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