Newsflash Seniors You Wont Get Away With That Photoshopped Profile Pic

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Newsflash Seniors: We All Know Your Profile Pic is Photoshopped

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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Are you a baby boomer single searching for just the right photos to include in your senior dating profile?

When you look at yourself in your best photographs, do you think those bags under your eyes and the lines on your face are just too telling of your age? Thinking of opening Photoshop? You should be careful!

Don’t think he can’t tell. Don’t think she won’t notice.

Just because Photoshop is ubiquitous on tablets and other computer devices now doesn’t mean you should resort to using it in your dating profile photo like a professional photographer preparing photos for a magazine spread.

OK, you used it to soften your under eye circles. Using it like a little under eye concealer is one thing, but using it to the point that you have no bone contour is another.

Clients have emailed me the profile photos of prospective dates where the under eye area has a glow to it, clearly demonstrating the falsity of the image. They could tell, and it was a turn-off.

“You run the risk of that first date

being cut short if you look different.”

Do you want to risk being a turn-off?

We’ve all seen Hollywood actors over 50 featured on the covers of magazines targeting the over 50 demographic. They look great, but about half of their faces have no expression marks on them. Even a 32 year old has expression marks, so what are they doing without them at 50 years old?

Midlife singles can be quite savvy these days. Modern senior singles can tell you overdid it with Photoshop.

Not only do they notice and get a little turned off that you look phony in your photos, but they’re also starting to wonder if you’re vain or if you have too much that needs concealing.

This is not usually a deal-breaker.

Senior singles looking for a relationship will still respond to you and may even agree to a first date just to meet you. However, you run the risk of that first date being cut short if you look different in real life than your dating profile photos depicted.

Do you really want to risk that embarrassment and ruin your evening?

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