Profile Tips For Lesbians

Lesbian Dating

Profile Tips for Lesbians

Kara Pound
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Having a good — make that great — online dating profile is like trimming the fat and refining a job resume. You’re going to take the extra time and effort to have that resume dotted at the i’s and crossed at the t’s if you’re on the serious job hunt. If you’re just a look-loo, nobody’s going to take you seriously.

No matter your sex or sexual preference, the same rules apply for creating a stellar online dating profile. If you’re a woman looking for a woman, as opposed to a woman looking for a man, nothing much changes. But a few things do.

Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for an online lesbian relationship.

Be honest, but don’t be THAT honest.

If you slept with a boy in high school or college, it’s really not information that’s relevant in a profile. That’s like a straight girl admitting she slept with a jock instead of the artsy dude.

Just let it go and move on. You should be looking toward the future, not the past.

Don’t place guidelines on what you’re looking for.

If in the past you’ve dated women who prefer combat boots to stilettos, don’t make the self-assumption that you’re into one thing or the other. When looking for a potential mate, it’s always a bad thing to prejudge based on appearance or mannerisms.

Tell it like it is.

If you’re still “in the closet” or newly out, you should have that be common knowledge. For some, it’s a difficult time they don’t want to relive through their partner. For others, dating a newbie means they can give hard-earned words of wisdom and helpful tidbits when needed.

Whatever your situation is, creating an online dating profile takes thought, anticipation and upstanding character. Feel free to be honest with who you are, no matter the outcome, and be open to what the women before you have learned.