What Do You Dont Want Get Remarried

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What to Do if You Don’t Want to Get Remarried

Kara Pound
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Women get married for a variety of reasons: religion, love, kids, money, stability, tax breaks — the list goes on and on. But for women over 50 who are widowed or divorced, getting remarried isn’t necessarily on the top of their bucket list.

What should a senior woman do if she doesn’t want to get remarried? Let’s look at three important questions and shine a little light on how a woman over 50 should deal with not wanting to get remarried.

1. How should she tell the man she’s dating?

The sooner the better. If you plan on never remarrying, then you need to be upfront with every man you date and tell them this very important piece of information and a bit about why you made the decision.

Just prepare yourself for the fact that your new beau may not stick around after receiving the news.

2. How can you still have a lasting relationship?

By loving each other. Just because a couple isn’t married doesn’t mean they don’t love each other as much as married couples.

If you’re a senior woman who has decided not to remarry and your guy sticks by you, give him constant reminders that not saying “I do” has nothing to do with “I love you.”

3. Is getting remarried even that important?

That’s up to you. Getting remarried and the importance of it is completely up to each individual.

Some men – whether it’s for religious or traditional reasons – will not be with a woman unless she marries him. Some men could care less about a walk down the aisle.

Just be true to yourself — marriage or not — and always keep an open line of communication with the guy in your life. And remember to tell him you love him at least once a day.