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10 Best Florida Dating Coaches of 2024

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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I lived in Florida for a little while. When I first moved there, a friend who grew up in Tampa Bay told me tall tales about pirates on horses, parades, and a road called Bayshore (AKA Gasparilla).

That’s when I knew I was in for a wild ride. People say a lot of different things about Florida, but Floridians know there’s something special about the state that can’t be found anywhere else.

best florida dating coaches

Florida is a geographically large and demographically diverse state, and the dating pool reflects that. Florida has singles in their 20s all the way up to their 80s from all over the country and the world. Dating in Florida can be fun and exciting, and like dating anywhere else, singles will encounter some obstacles.

These are the best dating coaches in Florida for when singles need some dating guidance. Whether you need help setting up an online dating profile or knowing when it’s time to make things official with a person you’ve been talking to, these coaches can give you the resources and wisdom you need. 

Dan Silverman | Kelly Leary | Dr. Justin D’Arienzo | Dr. Chantal Gagnon | Paula Grooms | Tennesha Wood | Nelly Sudri | Liv Talley | Zach Chandler | Apollonia Ponti

Dan Silverman, or the Miami Matchmaker, is a matchmaker and dating coach with over 20 years of experience. Dan introduces his clients to amazing singles while helping them understand their poor past dating habits. Dan’s mission is to help his clients become more self-aware, confident, and successful in their dating lives. 

Dan offers dating coaching and matchmaking for men and women, and he’s a member of the Matchmakers Alliance. When Dan coaches men, he takes an empathetic approach. He’s been in many of the situations his clients have, and with a straightforward but sensitive approach, he helps clients overcome anxiety, gain confidence, and master natural attraction.

Best for: Single Men in Miami

Kelly Leary, M.S. is the go-to resource for all things romance for busy and retired professionals in South Florida, the Treasure Coast, and TriState areas. Kelly is a coach and matchmaker and founded her award-winning matchmaking firm, Revolution Dating which she launched in 2014. She started her career in the love business in 1991 while obtaining her Masters Degree in Clincial Psychology. Kelly and the Revolution Dating team have called Palm Beach their headquarters for the past ten years but they are their operations have covered the Northeast area singles scene for many years. Palm Beach is notorious for jet-setters and this is the type of clientele that this club attracts. For years, Kelly and her team have been representing clients that hail from the TriState areas to Florida. The decision to expand was natural as many of our clients own two homes.

Kelly and her team help singles from the ages of 25 to 75+ become couples through expert matchmaking and curated interviews. When singles join Revolution Dating, they are offered many avenues for introductions to Florida’s most eligible singles. The in-person and hands-on approach is a great avenue for people who are fresh in the dating scene, veterans, and those who are newly single alike.

Best for: South Florida Retirees

Dr. Justin D’Arienzo is a psychologist and relationship expert based in Jacksonville. His practice, D’Arienzo Psychology, was established in 2008 and has served a diverse client base. Dr. Justin is a Forensic and Board Certified Clinical Psychologist and the author of the book “How Not To F*CK Up Your Life.” Dr. Justin and his associates offer a variety of services, and among them are dating and relationship coaching.

Many people need objective and honest feedback about their situations rather than the approaches taken in psychotherapy. Dr. Justin offers singles help with online dating, overcoming dating anxiety, and learning how to flourish in communication with a romantic partner. Dr. Justin and his team are highly trained professionals, so Jacksonville singles can be sure they’re receiving helpful support.

Best for: Jacksonville Singles

Dr. Chantal Gagnon is a licensed psychotherapist and Board-Certified Professional Counselor located in Plantation. In addition to psychotherapy, Dr. Chantal offers coaching services. Not all people need therapy to achieve their goals, and coaching gives singles the confidence and skills they need to achieve their dating goals.

Therapy often addresses emotional and psychological challenges, while coaching is focused on the future and helping clients take meaningful action. Dr. Chantal helps her dating coaching clients identify the steps they need to take to find satisfaction in their romantic relationships. She guides her clients as they develop confidence, improve their relationships, and start making their dreams realities.

Best for: Single Women in Fort Lauderdale

Paula Grooms is a dating and relationship coach, licensed social worker, and the author of “Why Won’t He Commit?” Paula specializes in coaching women on how to improve their self-image, overcome self-consciousness, and achieve their romance goals through manifestation. Paula has helped women all over the world find love and commitment from the men they desire and deserve.

Paula offers coaching programs online, so single women in Florida and beyond can benefit from her guidance. Past clients rave about Paula’s coaching style and the transformational benefits it affected in their lives. Victoria from Orlando said: “I am blessed to have found Paula. I realize how my confidence as a woman has grown tremendously by working with her, and I’m learning every day.’

Best for: Online Coaching For Women

Tennesha Wood is a strategist, cheerleader, and teacher for her dating coaching clients. Tennesha helps them understand the obstacles that have limited them in their dating lives and then shows them new ways of showing up in relationships. She teaches her clients to attract the love they desire by expressing their most authentic selves while dating and navigating relationships.

Tennesha understands what many of her clients are going through. She was once a single woman using online dating, and she often found herself frustrated by bad dates and poor dating etiquette. Tennesha has been on over 100 online dates, so she knows more than a thing or two. She helps her clients step into the confidence they need to find someone they connect with deeply. When she’s not coaching, she’s managing The Broom List, the first and only matchmaking firm dedicated to pairing educated, successful, and marriage-minded Black singles.

Best for: Black Florida Singles

Nelly Sudri is a dating coach for high-value men and women.  Her dating advice videos have racked up over 20 million likes across TikTok and Instagram. Nelly comes from an academic background in communications, with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Miami and a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution & Negotiation from Columbia. Nelly is a pro at people, and she bestows her clients with the tools they need to be great communicators.

Nelly offers online dating coaching courses for men and women, including manifestation courses for women and a masculine energy class for men. Her courses and coaching services are tailored to clients who have almost everything they want in life, except someone to share it with. Nelly works with busy, intelligent people looking for someone who matches their unique personalities. 

Best for: Single Professionals & Executives

Liv Talley


Liv Talley helps clients align themselves with what she calls their “divine self-images.” She’s the creator and owner of The Sealed Deal, a coaching service that sets clients up for eternal connection. Liv is a dating coach who helps her clients shift their mentalities and get the results they want faster than they thought possible. Her approach centers on embracing and trusting the divine self and then using this confidence to form authentic romantic relationships.

In one-on-one coaching, Liv helps her clients discover the person they are. She helps them let go of the harmful ideas a person may hold about themselves and replace those ideas with unshakeable confidence and trust in themselves. While Liv helps her clients find dating success, she also helps them find more self-actualized versions of themselves.

Best for: Women Ready For Commitment

Zach Chandler is a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach who helps his clients build and nurture their interpersonal relationships. Zach coaches singles and couples and meets every client where they are in their journey through romantic relationships. Dating coaching clients often go to Zach because they’re close to losing hope in dating and need to learn more effective techniques.

Zach and his clients explore their dating histories, heartbreaks, and high points. He then learns what his client wants out of dating, and the two begin to build a plan for the future together. Zach helps his clients answer the questions about love and relationships they’ve been grappling with and then uses this knowledge to find fulfilling connections.

Best for: Singles Who Don’t Know What They’re Looking For

Apollonia Ponti is a certified coach, speaker, and international dating and relationship coach. Apollonia specializes in helping male clients reach their full potential in all areas of life, romance included. She teaches men to find confidence, nurture their relationships, and develop a strong sense of self. Apollonia helps men understand what women are looking for in romance and learn to tap into their own natural attraction.

Apollonia is a great choice for men who are ready to make big changes in their romantic lives. It can be easy to get caught up in the same old bad habits, and sometimes, it takes a coach like Apollonia to pull singles out of destructive dating patterns. Apollonia has successfully coached thousands of singles across the globe and is highly regarded for her personalized and straightforward approach.

Best for: Men Who Want To Transform Their Dating Games

Wherever you are in your dating journey, a dating coach can help you reach your goals with less fuss. While heartbreak is simply part of love, dating can be a wonderful and empowering experience for singles, even if it doesn’t end in finding The One.

These coaches don’t just help their clients land a girlfriend or learn how to attract men. Coaches attend to the personal needs and goals of their clients to improve multiple aspects of their lives, not just dating. When you hire one of these coaches, you’ll get more than a few tips for landing dates. You’ll learn to change your perspective and step into romance with an empowered outlook.