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10 Best U.K. Matchmakers of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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Online dating has swept the United Kingdom in the past decade, changing its dating scene in a big way. If you’re single in the U.K., you might feel as though your only option is to create an online dating account and try your hand at virtual courting


Dating apps are a great choice for a lot of singles, giving them tons of flexibility and a large dating pool. If you want to try something different from online dating, matchmaking can be a great place to start. 

The expert help of matchmakers helps singles not only find a compatible partner, but also learn a lot about themselves through the process.  Matchmakers are geared toward singles who are serious about finding a committed relationship, so singles don’t have to worry about a seemingly endless stream of casual relationships.

This list of United Kingdom-based matchmakers is full of diverse choices for any kind of dater looking for a matchmaker to help them find their person.

Drawing Down the Moon | Dating Options | The Professional Matchmaker | Sara Eden | Exclusive Matchmaking | Ignite Dating | Neelu Matchmaking | Matched by Sukh Kaur | Match Made in Scotland | Country Partners 

Drawing Down the Moon, founded in 1984, is the United Kingdom’s premier matchmaking agency. It’s the U.K.’s longest-running matchmaking and personal introductions agency. Since its inception, Drawing Down the Moon has connected tens of thousands of interesting, eligible, and thoughtful former singles. 

The agency uses a bespoke matchmaking system that relies on relationship science and human intuition. Drawing Down the Moon never uses algorithms to match their singles, instead getting to know each client and making matches based on who they are and what they want. Drawing Down the Moon is known for its exceptional customer care and storied matchmaking expertise.

More About Drawing Down the Moon

  • Founded in 1984
  • Led by lead matchmaker Gillian McCallum
  • Over 10,000 couples connected

Best for: Algorithm-Free Matchmaking 

Dating Options is giving U.K. daters the opportunity to experience traditional matchmaking– regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation. With Dating Options, singles don’t have to worry about their photographs and profiles floating around online– all personal information is kept between the single, the expert matchmaking team, and highly vetted potential matches.

The Dating Options team has several professional matchmakers along with dating coaches. The group has the largest team of personal matchmakers and relationship experts in the U.K., meaning singles in any stage of dating will find that Dating Options has something wonderful to offer. The group uses traditional matchmaking and dating techniques to connect people with shared passions, drives, and intellect.

More About Dating Options

  • The U.K.’s largest team of accredited matchmakers
  • Traditional matchmaking for everyone
  • Matchmakers with diverse experience

Best for:

The Professional Matchmaker recognizes that dating has changed in the past decade. The rise of the internet has created a segment of daters who are a little hesitant to use online dating. Fear of fake profiles, high levels of fraud, and safety fears may keep people from pursuing dating online.

Because of these concerns, personal matchmaking has experienced a resurgence in the United Kingdom. This is where The Professional Matchmaker comes in. The Professional Matchmaker offers an alternative for those who are struggling to meet the right person in their day-to-day.

More About The Professional Matchmaker

  • Founded in 2000
  • Led by matchmaker Nikki
  • Matchmaking for the virtual world

Best for: Singles Who Are Done With Online Dating

Sara Eden


Sara Eden is one of the United Kingdom’s foremost dating, introduction, and matchmaking agencies. The group has offices in Westminster, London, and Royal Windsor and is known for its bespoke services. Founder Karen Mooney started the service while she was working for the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department at Buckingham Palace.

Thanks to this connection, Sara Eden has kept close links with Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Sara Eden is an elite group that hand-selects singles for magical first introductions. Karen personally attends to a small group of clients who are invited to join Sara Eden’s services.

More About Sara Eden

  • Founded in 1988
  • Led by matchmaker Karen Mooney
  • Connected couples for 1,000s of marriages

Best for: Elite Services With Royal Ties


Exclusive Matchmaking offers ultra-exclusive matchmaking services for England’s elite. Based in London, this agency caters to distinguished singles who want a highly tailored and confidential service. Exclusive Matchmaking is highly selective when choosing clients and members for its dating pool, so single busy professionals don’t have to worry about their time being wasted.

Exclusive Matchmaking is an international agency with a large office in London. The agency is headquartered in Washington, D.C., and is led by Susan Trombetti, a professional matchmaker and relationship expert. Clients meet with Susan for individualized services, from image consultations to first introductions.

More About Exclusive Matchmaking

  • Led by Susan Trombetti
  • Variety of matchmaking services
  • International agency with an office in London

Best for: Busy Professionals

Ignite Dating is an experienced team of professional matchmakers who have a passion for connecting singles with shared values and passions. The elite matchmaking service combines personality profiles, old-fashioned matchmaking techniques, intuition, and an extensive network of singles. Each client works closely with their matchmaker to find the perfect partner.

Ignite Dating’s private network of men and women are successful people who are looking for a life-long relationship. Singles in the network come from all different backgrounds and walks of life, from the corporate world to academia. Ignite Dating works with enthusiastic clients who are ready to find a partner who shares their outlook on life.

More About Ignite Dating

  • Founded in 2020
  • Led by matchmaker Michelle Begy
  • Multifaceted matchmaking techniques 

Best for: High-Net-Worth Professionals

Neelu Matchmaking is dedicated to connecting singles in search of strong marriages and lifelong partnerships. Neelu Matchmaking offers a personalized service and makes thoughtful and intelligent matches. Each client has a dedicated matchmaker who actively works to find a compatible partner for them, leaving no need to rely on fate. 

The agency’s services are confidential and discreet, so singles don’t have to worry about their profiles or photos floating around on the internet. Founder and lead matchmaker Neellu K. Gogna, who goes by Neelu, was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and has been in London for over 20 years. She has a diverse background in child and family welfare, human psychology, and societal views of family and marriage.

More About Neelu Matchmaking

  • Based in London 
  • Led by matchmaker Neelu
  • Focus on connecting singles for marriage and families

Best for: Singles Ready To Start A Family

Matched by Sukh Kaur is a matchmaking service designed to connect singles with their soulmates. Sukh Kaur is the founder and lead matchmaker. Her matchmaking philosophy is to learn about the values, ethics, and beliefs of each of her clients so she can better understand what they’re looking for in a life partner.

The matchmaking agency is geared toward liberal-minded singles from 25 to 50 who are open to falling head over heels with the right person. Most Matched clients are singles who are successful and content with their lives and feel secure with who they are and what they want. With that security, Sukh makes once-in-a-lifetime connections.

More About Matched by Sukh Kaur

  • The platform includes matchmaking, coaching, blogs, and more
  • Led by matchmaker Sukh Kaur
  • Progressive and open-minded client pool

Best for: Singles Who Know What They Want

Match Made in Scotland is Scotland’s only matchmaking service, offering matchmaking in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, and beyond. The agency’s mission is to empower single professionals who are ready to find a long-term partner. Match Made in Scotland knows it is difficult to navigate the modern dating scene and sees matchmaking as a great solution for dating woes.

Match Made in Scotland offers personalized services, and Laura Smyth, Founder and Matchmaker, interviews all clients face-to-face. The agency doesn’t use any matchmaking algorithms, instead relying on old-fashioned matchmaking skills. For Match Made in Scotland, old-fashioned matchmaking means connecting people who have the same values, ambitions, and compatible personalities. 

More About Match Made in Scotland

  • Founded in 2020
  • Led by matchmaker Laura Smyth
  • Old-fashioned matchmaking approach

Best for: Scottish Singles

Country Partners offers a discreet, safe, and traditional personal matchmaking service. The agency interviews all clients and carefully vets each of them. Country Partners maintains a high standard for its clients and database of singles and aims to provide profiles of the most eligible singles in the country.

Anonymity and confidentiality are very important to Country Partners. Client details and photographs will never appear on a public website and remain private within the agency. First introductions are only made after permission is given from both parties. Country Partners offers a highly tailored and discreet service that’s perfect for serious singles.

More About Country Partners

  • Founded in 1983
  • Created by iconic U.K. matchmaker Heather Heber Percy
  • Connected 1,000s of couples

Best for: Anonymous and Confidential Matchmaking

If you’re a U.K. single who’s heard of matchmaking but thought it wasn’t a feasible option for you – think again. These matchmakers offer a variety of services, from the highly tailored and ultra-exclusive to the more laid back, that can serve any single.

Matchmakers are best for people who are ready to commit to the love of their lives. While the most precious part of matchmaking’s success is the partnerships it facilitates, the process of matchmaking also tends to be transformative on a personal level.

Because matchmaking often involves in-depth personality profiles and deep exploration of what a person wants in a relationship and life, people tend to learn a lot about themselves in the matchmaking process. Matchmaking can truly change your life!