Easy Wardrobe Tips For Men

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Easy Wardrobe Tips for Men

Kara Pound
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You know that old saying “Judge a man by the shoes he wears”? Well, why stop there? Guys, chances are when you’re out on a date with a lady, she’s judging a lot more than your shoes. And I don’t mean that in a shallow, materialistic way.

But when you’ve just met someone and the conversation lulls here and there, it can be hard not to take notice of a man’s clothes and grooming habits.

Compared to men, women have it rough when it comes to getting ready for a date — makeup, hair, shaving unwanted body hair and finding the perfect, killer outfit.

So guys, there’s no excuse for being a total slacker. Here are a few easy wardrobe tips for you to follow:

1. A blazer.

We get that you’re having a hard time growing up and you’ve been wearing the same graphic tees since you were a sophomore in high school, but act like you care at least a little bit.

Pair your favorite “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” T-shirt with a nice pair of jeans and a dark blazer — preferably navy, grey or black. A blazer is key to any man’s wardrobe.

2. The shoes.

It’s not so much the kind of shoes you wear on a date, but the condition those shoes are in. Sneakers should be something hip like Adidas or Converse and relatively new — not covered in dirt and grime.

On the other hand, dress shoes work if they are worn in and well-loved. Don’t wear the same loafers you would wear to a friend’s wedding — that’s way too formal.

3. Accessories.

It’s absolutely OK for a guy to accessorize as long as he doesn’t go overboard. If you wear glasses, don’t be afraid to go for a unique frame. Scarves are great, too. A guy in a scarf can’t go wrong.

And please, for the love of everything that is holy, don’t wear chain necklaces. I don’t care if it’s a 10-pound gold chain worth $5,000. I’m not impressed. The only jewelry men should wear are wedding rings, watches, the occasional earring and possibly a leather bracelet of sorts.

Dating is hard enough without the pressures of what to wear, but it’s something you need to spend some time and energy on. How would you feel if a lady showed up for a date wearing old jeans, a crappy T-shirt and athletic sneakers? It would probably be a turn-off, right?

Go against the grain, think outside the box, and feel free to express yourself.