How Do I Politely Turn Someone Down Online?

C. Price
C. Price Updated:
Discuss This! Discuss This!

While online dating opens the door for more dating prospects, it also means you have more filtering to do before you find someone you’re actually interested in.

What is it exactly about this person that makes them not your type? Are they older than your preferred age range? Do they live too far away from you? Pick a characteristic from their profile to use when you turn them down. Try saying something like, “Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile and send me a message. You sound like a really great person, but I’m currently looking for someone (insert characteristic here). Good luck on your search!”

You shouldn’t feel guilty about telling someone no when they ask you out on a date, but remember, online dating is all about trying new things. Consider giving some of these people a chance, even if you think they might not be your type. You never know who you are going to fall for.